What is Google Keen? Pinterest's potential rival was born

What is Google Keen? Pinterest’s potential rival was born

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Google Kane (Google) is Google’s new social network that was quietly introduced a few days ago. This experimental project with a look and application similar to Pinterest tries to be a space for users’ interests.

Google has launched many social networks so far, many of which have never even reached the public. The company loudly introduced Google Plus in 2011, but eventually shut it down in 2019. Google has quietly announced in June 2020 that it is working on a new social network called Google Keen. Read on to find out what Google Keen is and what its purpose is.

Google Keen is a new and powerful way to attract more site visitors that actively recommends content to users.

Google has quietly introduced a content discovery service called Keen. Keen is known as a competitor to Pinterest but is not entirely accurate.

Keen is a machine learning application that actively promotes relevant web pages to users. Keen is looking into becoming a new source of referrals.

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Origin of Google Keen

The Google Keen service was first introduced by Sage Adams in a post on the Medium website. Adams said in his post that the idea for the service came to him when his wife wanted to share information and links about bird-watching fun with him. Adams and three other Google members decided to create a service that would make it easier to share entertainment information and resources.

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The four started working on the Keen service through Google’s Area 120 project. They approached the Google Artificial Intelligence (PAIR) team for help with their artificial intelligence and machine learning project.

What platforms are available for Google Keen?

This service is currently available as a web app on Staykeen.com. In addition, through Web Wrapper (Web Wrapper) you can access the Android application of this service.

Is Google Keen free?

This service is free to use, but you must have a Google Account to use it.

How does Google Keen work?

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The Google Keen service eventually looks and works like Pinterest. After registering for this service, all you have to do is type in the title you want. For example, you might be interested in the Star Trek TV series. Then enter its name and click the Next button in the bottom corner of the page.


You will then see a set of links that appear like Google results based on your search. Just click on them and select the Create button. You can now see your Keen page. There are three tabs on the Keen page. The first is called Explore, which shows the content you are looking for through a Google search. The second tab is Gems, and each entry on the Explorer page has a Gem icon. By clicking on the sentences, you can save your favorite content on your page. The third tab is Searches, which allows you to add more topics to your page.


In Keen, you can manually add images, links, and even new texts to your page via the Add button. Additionally, you can use this button to add more content by searching or adding new sections to your page. There is another button called Edit that allows you to bring more contributors to your page. Finally, there is the Share button, which allows you to send Keen page links to others.

One of the attractive features of this service is the use of machine learning to regularly suggest new links and content for your page.

Will Keen stay stable?

The Google Kane service is an experimental project and is still in its infancy. Many of Google’s Area 120 projects have finally stopped, but their capabilities have somehow shifted to other products. Now we have to wait to see what will happen to Kane and what service his features will be transferred to if he shuts down.

Have you ever used the Kane service? Share your experience with this service with us.

How Keen might affect your web traffic

According to Roger Montti, writing in Search Engine Journal, Keen could be a new source of traffic for your website.

He explains:

“The most powerful recommendation a website can receive is a recommendation from one friend to another. The value of Keen to the web ecosystem is that it represents a new way for users to discover web content.

“Keen actively searches and suggests relevant content to users.

“A search engine is passive. It waits for someone to ask it a question. Keen is proactive. Instead of passively suggesting content in response to search queries, Keen actively recommends content that people will enjoy.”

In other words, if Keen takes off, it could drive traffic to your site. If people are finding and marking your content, that content could snowball and find its way to other keens and, in turn, get in front of more and more eyes.

Conclusion: Keen is a new channel for traffic

Keen is a new opportunity to grow in popularity and increase traffic. The best advice a website can get is a recommendation from one friend to another.

Keen’s value to the web ecosystem is that it represents a new way for users to discover web content.

Keen actively searches and offers related content to users. The search engine waits for someone to ask him, but Kane is automatically activated.

Instead of offering content in response to search queries, Keen actively recommends content that people enjoy.

Keen is so much more than a Pinterest competitor. This is a way to increase traffic and popularity.

Web publishers, search marketers, and web stores may find it helpful to search Keen to see how it fits into their marketing strategy.



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