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Preface: Google Bot Definition

What is GoogleBot? When we think of the Google robot, a robot-like Wall-E might be created in a movie of the same name in our minds, searching for information in unknown worlds. But in fact, Google’s robot is a computer program written by Google and monitored on the web. Google Bot detects and indexes new web pages. In this article, we will explain the robot of Google and how these monitors will work.

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Google Bot, Monitor or Spider?

All of these terms have one meaning, and they mean a robot that monitors the web. Google’s robot navigates web pages through links. This robot finds new pages and updates to old pages in this way and adds them to its index. The index is the brain of Google, where this is where all the information is stored. Google is using a lot of computers and sending its robots to all corners of the web to find new pages and find out their information. Google Bot is Google’s web browser and other search engines use their robots.

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How does Googlebot or Google bot work?

Googlebot uses site maps and databases that contain previously discovered links. These robots use this data to determine their future goals. Whenever a Google bot finds a new link on a site, it adds it to its list to refer to later. When the Google bot sees changes to the links, it reports that the index is updated to that page. The program written by Google determines the times of site visits. To make sure your website is monitored, you need to check the monitoring capability. If your site is accessible to Google robots, they will often visit it.

All kinds of robots

There are various robots created by Google that each has its instructions.

For example, the AdsBot robot checks the quality of ads. As well as Google’s Android application robot, it examines Android apps. The most important robots for us are:

  • Googlebot desktop: This bot examines and indexes the desktop version of websites.
  • Googlebot mobile: This robot reviews and indexes the mobile version of the sites.
  • Googlebot Video: This robot explores the videos on the web.
  • Googlebot Images: This robot monitors images on the web.
  • Googlebot News: This robot is for news sites only.

How do Google robots visit your sites?

To find out when Google’s robots are coming to your site, you need to check your site’s log files or go to the Crawl section of Google’s search console.

Google never publishes the list of IP addresses of its robots and these IPs are constantly changing. If you want to verify the nature of Google’s robots, you need to use IP conversion tools. Spammers can easily rename their user-agent to Googlebot, but IP simulation is not so easy.

You can restrict Google bot access to your site by using the Robots.txt file. Keep in mind that if you do this wrong, you may be blocking Google’s access to the original content of the site. This will not index the content of the site. There are also other ways to prevent some pages from being indexed.

Google Search Console

This console is one of the best tools for monitoring the robots’ ability to monitor the site. With this tool, you can check how the site is monitored by Google Bot and see any errors if there is a problem. Using Google’s search console, you can force its robots to re-monitor a page immediately.

Optimization for Google robots

Speeding up site monitoring by deceptive robot robots is a task that needs to be remedied to cause problems. This is relatively complicated, but you should be familiar with the process. If Google’s robots can’t fully monitor the site, they certainly won’t rank well. Find out the monitoring errors and resolve them.


Google Bot is a small software bot that visits your site. If you’ve implemented the correct settings, this bot will fully visit your site and index it. If you add content to your site as quickly as possible, it will come to your site faster. If you have made very extensive changes to your site once, you can use Google Search Console to promptly monitor the site as quickly as possible to make changes to your search results as soon as possible.


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