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What is landing page? In marketing terms, the landing page is a page of your website designed for a specific purpose.

A landing page should be designed, written and developed with a specific business purpose in mind. This entry aims to answer the question of which landing page or Landing Page What is written, and we will give examples of landing pages and landing page design techniques.

What is a landing page?

The Forward Page is a part of your website pages that are designed and implemented with the specific purpose of increasing conversion rates. This page of your website should be easy to reach.

Some SEO experts  And marketers believe that a landing page should be a separate page from your website, with no additional load or element to distract the viewer from the original purpose. One of the most popular landing pages is Google Adwords landing page. This is the same page that users search for after a phrase Google Search Ad The so-called landing on it.

Landing page
The landing page is the page to which a visitor is sent after clicking on a commercial link, to make a potential purchase.

A page from your blog is not just a landing page. Blog posts are not designed for a specific conversion purpose and have multiple purposes in keywords  Are different. However, blog pages are only part of your website.

On the other hand, pages that for example download one PDF The training is designed and has a download button called Action, as it is designed and implemented for the specific purpose of the landing page. This is a small example of content marketing and sales.

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Is the landing page the same as the homepage?

No, The landing page is not your homepage. Does your homepage have a unique purpose and redirect users to a specific destination? The homepage of a site is generally for multiple purposes and is used to introduce you to users. Find out who you are and introduce a number of your products, including the homepage. Your homepage may have a site registration, download button and purchase button for one of your products, but this page is not designed for a single purpose. Instead, it’s designed to introduce you to several products and give you general information.

Take, for example, the homepage of the Amazon site. This page has many product links to click on but no landing page with a specific purpose. The Amazon Commons site has a lot of landing pages. Each product page is a landing page designed to sell that product.

What is the purpose of landing pages?

Now that you are familiar with the concept of landing pages, let’s talk about the purpose of designing these pages and what has made them a valuable marketing tool. Generally, there are three types of landing pages with completely independent goals:

direct selling

The landing page is the most understandable type of direct sales. If you’ve ever ordered and purchased a product online, you’ve probably used a landing page to buy this product. A landing page is a direct selling type of product page ( on sales websites), a trial download of software and the like.

The main purpose of direct sales landing pages is to sell that product or service. You can promote this page elsewhere to increase incoming traffic to this page and increase sales of this product.

In the other case, you have software for sale. But before you sell it, you are giving users a free trial and download to download it. This version has a limited use time and is intended to be available for download, with full user consent provided.

User Information

These pages collect basic user information such as their name and email. The purpose of this Personal Information is to use it for other purposes and to inform users about their future services. This type of landing page has custom forms that you can get the information you want. Such pages today play an important role in increasing the conversion rate and monetization of new site products.

These types of landing pages can include the following types:

  • Free ebook
  • Seminar registration
  • user manual
  • Newsletter signup

What is landing page?

Build a relationship

This type of landing page uses the technique of linking the target users and the product you are looking for. In this model, we identify the landing pages associated with each page of the site and offer the landing page we want when the user enters. In this model, users are more likely to click because there is a lot of similarity between the landing page and the page the user is in.

For example, a user who enters a page of your rice sales blog by searching for a phrase of a variety of rice is more likely to be interested in the product page of one of your rice and to buy. Creating these kinds of relationships is smart work and in increasing site conversion rates  Very effective.

What is landing page?


The main question was , What is landing page? Now that you are familiar with the concept of the landing page, you can take advantage of the benefits of creating such pages on your website and increase the sales of your products. Here’s a summary of the most important landing page tips:

  • Landing pages have one main purpose.
  • Landing pages have very few links so that the user doesn’t get distracted.
  • Landing pages are usually independent of other site pages and are designed and implemented to create advertising campaigns.
  • Landing pages using tests A / B Can be tested.

It is also common to use data tracking and use A / B testing to gradually improve the landing page to improve its efficiency. In other words, several versions of the page are created and the one that best fulfills its functions is preserved.

A landing page should try to guide the visitor with the following tips:

  • Presence of a call to action to clearly evoke the action to be carried out (link to click, form to be completed …)
  • The textual content of an engaging presentation of the product or service
  • Presence of an image clearly conveying the service rendered
  • Showing important information above the waterline

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