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Most online marketers have one thing in common: increasing site referral traffic. There are many ways to achieve this goal, some of which are: SEO and site optimization, click ads or PPC, Blogging, social network marketing  And so on. The problem is that SEO is usually time-consuming, the web environment is saturated with blog content, clickthrough advertising is expensive, and social media marketing is always facing the problem of returning capital.

One of the most often overlooked ways that can have a huge impact on site success is referral traffic. But what is referral traffic and how can it increase site traffic and revenue?.

What is referral traffic?

Users who come to your site through sites other than search engines are called referral traffic. When a user logs in to other sites and social networks through your site link, static software such as Google Analytics is considered to be referral traffic. The original website, reference or Referrer Is because it redirects traffic to your site.

Why Referral traffic is important?

Referral traffic is very important from the point of view of online marketers as it leads potential users from a reputable site to your site. This will bring your products and services to new users and give you the opportunity to become new customers. This will increase the chances of site sales.

But that’s not all. Referral traffic in SEO  The site is also effective. When someone logs in to your website from another site, they will usually see and click on your site link there. Google and other search engines consider these links to be a positive signal for site rankings, especially since they are highly reputable websites.

Referral traffic sounds great, is that your point? So continue reading to tell us how to get referral traffic.

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Seven Ways to Get More Referral Traffic

1-Register your website in online listings

Registering a site online is one of the easiest things to do with referral traffic. But any online listing is not recommended. Focus on lists or directories that are most relevant to your type of website and are more likely to attract traffic.

After you have listed your site in the listings based on your location and type of service, it is best to focus on a few more specialized listings. But how to find these lists? This can be achieved using search engines. Search one of your services on Google and look for listings that are on the first page of the search. Then submit your site to these listings for more visits.

You may not be able to get through these sites and get higher rankings using SEO, but you can attract people looking for your expertise by listing your site in these directories. Even if a person enters your site through these directories rather than directly to your site, it will still be of great value.

Registering a site online is one of the easiest things to do with referral traffic

2-Publish your site on review sites

Review sites are a good source for more referral traffic. Users of these sites intend to buy or use the services privately. These sites also provide comprehensive reviews and reviews of service providers. So these websites are a good place to get traffic from users who are ready to buy.

These sites usually get paid to list your site in the beginning, and this has a positive impact on users.

3-Publish guest post or ad report

Publish guest posts  Or report ads on other reputable and popular sites allow you to get referral traffic from that site’s readers. This in addition to attracting referral traffic also earns them backlinks and this has a very positive impact on SEO.

Avenger in the field of social network marketing  We are active and you can use our services to publish an article about your business on our site. Go to the ad report page for more information.

Here are a few tips for writing your guest post and reporting your service ad.:

  • Keep your readers in mind when writing. Many blogs in the field may limit you, but keep in mind that your readers are likely to become your users.
  • Publish a guest post with your name in order not to be abused or copied by others.
  • During your guest post, link to one or two of your target pages and encourage users to click on them.

4-Use social networks

According to a study by a reputable site Social Media Examiner, 89% of Online marketers pointed out that social networks had a greater impact on their visibility. In addition, 75% of them reported that their site traffic was increased through more social networking activity. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest are seven very large social networks used by online marketers. Social networking is no longer a tool, but a fundamental solution to increase referral traffic.

Whenever you share content and links on social networks, you increase the likelihood of referral traffic. In addition, you increase your chances of getting better rankings for your content in Google results. 58% of online marketers report that social networking activity has increased their site rank. As mentioned, referral traffic will not only increase your customers, but it will also help your site.

5-Commenting on blogs

The question we are asked is whether blogging is effective on SEO? Incent’s response that this not only has a positive impact on SEO but also increases referral traffic. According to   Neil Patel A prominent SEO expert:

the 240 comments he has posted on blogs have brought in 4,000 users to his site.

However, you should not allow yourself to spam and post irrelevant comments on blogs. Take note when writing a comment:

  • Write meaningful comments. No one clicks on comments full of complaints.
  • Focus on blogs that allow you to link. Keep in mind that your intention is to attract more traffic to the site and do so by linking to the comments.
  • Try to be the first to comment. As with search engine results, links that are placed in the first comments are more likely to be clicked.

6-Be active in discussion forums

Chat forums are a good place to get referral traffic but are often overlooked by online marketers. Like blogs, you should first find relevant conversations and add valuable information. Make sure your posts are not promotional so that forum managers and users do not become sensitive to you. When operating in the forums, note the following:

  • Make sure the forum is active. Don’t waste your time in unused and inactive forums.
  • Sign up using your brand name. This will help your users remember your brand.
  • Create links to your site using the signature feature.
  • Participate in conversations. Choose activity discussions that fit into your field of activity.
  • Use real examples. Instead of using recommendations, use real and practical examples.
  • Share your resources. Start your conversation and cite the sources that you think will hurt users.

7-Publish infographic

Most Internet users choose image sources when selecting their study sources. The human brain is such that it prefers images to a handful of texts. Plus, the images are more shareable. Users also understand infographics better and complex data can be transmitted this way.

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Referral Traffic After Google Inbound is one of the most valuable types of traffic that can boost site conversion rates. Released by the content marketing hub Shareaholic, 31.24% of all referral traffic was from online social networking services. These methods can help increase referral traffic and increase the number of backlinks indirectly. From our point of view, ad reporting is one of the best ways to get referral traffic that has a very positive impact on your site.


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