Black Hat SEO is a set of actions that violate the search engine rules& at the same time increase the site's ranking in search results.

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Black Hat SEO is defined as a set of actions that violate the search engine rules and at the same time may increase the site’s ranking in search results.

These unauthorized methods may be effective in the short run, but in the long run, they will result in a site being fined by search engines. Some of the techniques of black hat SEO are the overuse of keywords, hiding and building backlinks.

Displaying results in searches for business growth is essential, but there are right and wrong ways to reach an SEO site. Black hat SEO is the wrong way to do it. Black Hat SEO Methods Implemented to Deceive Search Engines Instead of Responding to User Needs and Problems.

In fact, by using SEO black hat techniques, you are deceiving the search engines to rank your site in the top results instead of having enough right to be present in the search results. Continued use of Black Hat SEO techniques instead of increasing site rank will sooner or later remove you from search results.

If on web and SEO related issues  You’re new to it, keep in mind that search engines like Google  Providing the best answers to their users when searching for a phrase. Search engines They have mechanisms to show the best results to their users, which does not include spam. They do this with the help of their algorithms, automatically or manually, to identify the websites that have attempted SEO.

Search Engine Algorithms There has been a lot of progress over time, and this reminds us not to go the black hat in any way. White hat SEO is certainly a better option for website optimization. SEO is a white hat that is completely in line with search engine guidelines. In short, white hat SEO is the act of producing quality content that aims to create a strong user experience for those who view the website.

Black Hat SEO is a set of actions that violate the search engine rules& at the same time increase the site's ranking in search results.

The difference between SEO black hat and SEO white hat

Black Hat SEO is against the rules of search engines and its purpose is to deceive them to increase the rank of the site. Such techniques will eventually remove the website from the search results and at least penalize it for dropping the site rank. White Hat SEO, in contrast, is an act that complies with the rules of the search engine, in which quality content is generated for maximum user satisfaction on the website.

How to Report a Black Hat SEO?

In general, there are two reasons for reporting a black hat SEO. In the first instance, your website may be damaged due to factors such as hacking, viral problems, SEO, or backlinks. Alternatively, you may have seen spam results in the search results.

For the latter case, Google named a page webspam report Embedded and you can report your observations. Please use this tool with caution. Any site that is higher than your site does not mean spam. Spam reports that are themselves spam will be considered as black hat SEO.

In the first case, your website is affected by malicious factors such as hacking, you can report it through malware review Register in Google Search Console.

If SEO campaigns are negative  Against your site you can use the tool Disavow Links Use Google in its search console and report backed up spam links.

Why Should We Avoid Seo Black Hat?

Black hat SEO techniques can lead to penalties from Google and other search engines.

While these methods may in the short run generate high traffic and rank for your site, but be sure that the search engines with their frequent updates will eventually realize this and face the offending website with a penalty. Be careful about getting out of Google’s penalty  It’s not easy. Due to a large number of users using search engines, eliminating search results will mean losing your business.

Below we introduce Black Hat SEO techniques to avoid selecting them when determining an SEO website strategy.

SEO Techniques Black Hat

  1. Overuse of keywords

I mean the indiscriminate use of keywords (Keyword Stuffing) Fill the content of the website with specific keywords and aim to rank them. This is an attempt to persuade search engines to relate the content of the page to those words. Adding derivatives and family members of a keyword creates a negative user experience without the need for the user. As a result, your website may also rank high in irrelevant keywords.

This is how Google describes the overuse of keywords:

  • A list of pointless phone numbers
  • Text blocks filled with varied keywords
  • Excessive repetition of a keyword in the content text is completely abnormal

Searching for keywords that users search on the web is essential before writing any content. But the overuse use of all of them in content is by no means a good idea. Instead of such misguided tactics, it is better to focus on producing quality content that is specific to one or more keywords.

  1. Hiding

I mean stealth (Cloaking) Displaying two different versions of the content of an address from a site to users and search engines. Websites that do so aim to rank in search results for keywords unrelated to their domain. Spam websites often do this to hide unauthorized content from their site from Google.

Shortening site content is acceptable for certain groups of users. For example, you can display your website on mobile devices more succinctly. It is also common to display different websites for users from a particular country. Some websites also change their ads according to the geographic location of the user. All of these examples are acceptable as long as the purpose is not to display different content for search engine robots.

The best advice in such a situation is to ask yourself whether changing the content will benefit other users. If the answer is yes, then that would be acceptable. You have to treat search engines in every scenario that you do with real users.

If you are curious to view the website from Google view you can use the tool fetch as google Use it in the console search.

  1. Unauthorized redirects

Redirect redirects the user from the address they clicked on to another address. Black Hat SEO uses redirects outside of this approach. As with the former, redirects may be designed to move search engines to one address and users to another.

In some scenarios, it is seen that a high-authority page is redirected to an unrelated page only for the search engines to increase its ranking in the search results. Redirect 301 brings almost complete authorization to another page. In other words, someone who uses this black hat method to redirect pages is trying to manipulate search results.

Redirects should only be used for the purpose they are designed for. Common scenarios include changing the address of a domain or combining the content of two pages into one. Javascript-based directories are also acceptable under certain circumstances. For example, on the LinkedIn website, after logging in, you will be redirected to the complete profile of the user you are looking for.

Abnormal redirects should be avoided, as this is against the guidelines of search engines like Google and Bing.

  1. Poor quality content

Creating quality content that is of no use to users is a common practice in SEO. This includes content copied by robots from other sites. Google was once unable to identify copyrighted content from other sites, but it was overcome by an update to Google Panda in 2011.

At that time, many sites that copied content from other sites were penalized by Google. Since then, Google has become more capable of identifying duplicate or inferior content.

Adding hidden keywords to the text is also a forbidden solution. Some websites that do black hat SEO have blended the text with the background color so that the text is not visible. Not aware that this content will not be hidden from Google.

In such a situation, when users click on the search results, they will not see the content they want as hidden. If the content in question offers a solution to users’ problems, there is no need to hide it.

Another similar solution is that webmasters generate content around a topic and, after gaining a good rating for that page, change its content to another. This will have a lot of negative user experience and will not be a viable solution for SEO.

Writing quality and original content is one of the most important parts of white hat SEO. Producing quality content trusts users and transforms them from user to customer.

  1. Rewriting content

The content rewriting technique is similar to the content copying technique, but it uses special software to rewrite and edit the content on the web as new content. Using such methods is less risky than the previous one, but because of software usage, the content that is being rebuilt is usually not of great value.

  1. Paid links

Search engines like Google have banned users from backlinks. Google has explicitly stated on its website that any link created to simulate page rank and site rankings in search results violates Google law.

It is better to avoid getting backlinks in return for payment, as Google has announced that it will fine both the buyer and seller sites.

If you are not aware of this and have arbitrarily purchased backlinks, it is best to delete those backlinks now. You can also use the tool disavow Inactivate them.

  1. Spam links in the footer sites

Such backlinks are only included in the footer of sites and are intended to increase their authenticity. Sites that get such backlinks are often unaware of their negative results. Most of these links are also located on unrelated websites and they seem unnatural.

  1. Abuse of structured data

Structured data is also known as Skima Markets and even Rich Snippets. These data allow us to change the way the website is displayed in search results and make it more attractive to other competitors. You can add related structured data depending on the content of your page, whether it’s podcasts, recipes, books or products. Schema is probably one of the most popular types of structured data.

SEOs do this in a way that deceives search engines and users by providing false information. For example, a webmaster along with Black Hat SEO can give their content a rating of five out of five to get a better view through structured data in search results. Google encourages users to report on such sites, so doing so is a big risk.

We recommend that you be honest about adding structured data. If you provide the right data, there will be no worries. In the structured data entry, we address this.

  1. Spamming in the comments section of the blogs

As the name implies, this black hat technique involves adding your website link in the comments section of various websites. This is less common nowadays, as search engines like Google in their new algorithm updates do not include comment section links in site rankings.

Also, most reputable blogs publish their comment links with the Nofalo tag. This means that search engines like Google do not follow these links and do not pass the page credentials to them.

Despite the recent talk, many people are still doing so, and there are even services available to do this automatically on the Internet. Spam commenting with backlinks from your site is a black hat for your site’s SEO and we suggest you avoid it.

If your website has a content review section, it is best to make decisions that your site blog will not become a bunch of spam comments. Google faces penalties for deleting pages that have a lot of spam comments and deletes them from search results. Using tools like Google’s Rickpacha is one way to prevent commentary robots.

  1. Link Farms

A link farm is a website or set of websites created solely for backlinking. Each website has backlinks to other sites to increase their ranking in search results. Search engines use links as one of the ranking factors they use. SEO’s goal of black hat linking in link farms is to increase the number of backlinks this way.

Link farms have low content and many links. Links often have encryption similar to the keywords of the website in question. Search engines like Google can easily identify such websites, so it’s best to stay away from them. Instead, it is best to encourage other websites to link to you by producing quality and valuable content.

  1. Private Blog Networks (PBN)

Private blogging is a set of relatively reputable websites created solely to link. These networks, like link farms, are built to increase the number of backlinks to a site. External links of any network only lead to one website and do not link to each other.

One of the methods of SEO black hat is that a person buys several expired domains related and authoritative and after launching a website, publishes content similar to the content of his website. Next, he adds backlinks to those posts on his website. Such a person hopes that the search engines will not understand their control over these sites and thus will rank higher for your main website.

Search engines are constantly investigating this issue and if they do, they will find you. Instead of simulations like this, it is better to focus on your website and increase your credibility by producing quality content. Publishing content below a certain ceiling will give you more credibility and as a result, more websites will link to you.

Conclusion of Seo Black Hat

Using black hat SEO on websites is a risky activity because they are detected sooner or later. As a result of this identification, Google will be fined. Google’s penalties are also often in the form of a sharp drop  Or completely remove the website from the search results. If you are familiar with other SEO methods, share it with us and other users through the comments section.


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