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Do you want to rank well without worrying about being penalized in competing for keywords? So it’s time to think of white hat SEO. In this post, we explained completely about White hat SEO training techniques(against black hat SEO).

But before you start white hat SEO, the question may arise as to whether white hat SEO alone can compete with black hat SEO sites? Yes, you can. At least in most businesses, this is a goal.

In this article, we introduce white hat SEO techniques. But first, we are going to define and explain the difference between white hats and black hats.

Comparison of SEO White Hat and SEO Black Hat

The overall goal of any SEO is to increase website rank in the search engine results. SEO is generally divided into two distinct types: white hat and black hat SEO. But what’s the difference between the two?

What is SEO White Hat?

White Hat SEO means using Google’s accepted techniques and tactics. The purpose of these techniques is to provide the best results for search engine users. For example, one of these techniques is to prioritize users over search engines.

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As a white hat:

  •  Follow Google’s rules.
  •  Optimize for the needs of users, not search engines.
  • Produce valuable content that people are interested in reading and sharing.
  • Build a website that is independent and superior to other competitors in your business.
  • The speed of your website is high and it is accurate on mobile.
  • Use the correct meta tags.
  • It’s easy to work with your website.

On the other side of the coin is the black hat SEO and its techniques are the white hat SEO.

What is SEO Black Hat?

SEO Black Hat Techniques are called techniques that do not comply with Google’s laws and are often far from creative. But they may help you achieve ideal results. Black Hat SEO often focuses on the weaknesses of the algorithms.

As a black hat you usually:

  • You’re breaking Google’s rules.
  • You put search engines ahead of users.
  • Try to deceive users by using techniques like Cloaking Or Doorway pages You do.
  • You are hacking the websites of others.

We do not intend to discuss the morality of these techniques in this article. Our point is that using black hat SEO techniques is often a risk.

That’s why we’ve never encouraged users to black hat SEO on Avenger’s blog. We favor white hat methods, although SEO is not a bad option either.

So the purpose of this article is to show you why white hat SEO techniques are often better than black hats. ( Unless your business is dictated by black hats)

But first, let’s ask if the white hat SEO is right for you.

Is white hat SEO always the best choice?

The answer to this question depends on your goals. If your goal is to build a lasting brand, white hat SEO is the way to go. But if you’re in the business of day-to-day loans, the white hat SEO probably won’t suit you.

While we favor white hat methods, businesses such as betting or overnight loans have little chance of succeeding with white hat SEO. You might get good rankings in this type of business by using white hat SEO, but your competitors are trying to get you down with black hat SEO techniques.

But if you are running a legal business ( we believe most of our readers are active in such businesses), you have a good chance of winning without using a black hat SEO.

But why is SEO so no longer a wise thing to do?

  • Black hat SEO has become more costly than in the past. Google has become smarter than before, and other techniques like spamming or overusing keywords are not effective, so as a black hat you have to resort to more costly methods like building PBN go.
  • SEO is a high-risk black hat. No one wants to be penalized by Google  It’s not. But if you go for black hat methods, there is a high chance that your website will be penalized.
  • Black hat SEO requires a great deal of technical knowledge. If you go down the black hat route, you won’t be able to continue on the road without understanding how the web works and its weaknesses. Much of this knowledge is not shared publicly, which means that most SEO people do not think of black hats as a reliable option.

Here are some of the most important white hat SEO Training techniques.

  1. Prioritize the mobile version

Google is currently paying close attention to the mobile version of the website. In other words, pages that aren’t displayed properly on mobile devices probably won’t get a good rating either.. How Google Works Nowadays, the mobile version indexes the pages first and does the ranking accordingly.

So if for example, your site has a lot of ads in the mobile version, you will pay the price. If you are unsure of your website’s mobile viability, log into the Google Search Console account and the Reports section Mobile See it. Google will let you know if there is a problem with the mobile version and you will be able to take appropriate action.

  1. Business registration in Google My Business

Mobile and local search also have interdependencies while being independent. About 20% of searches are done on mobile devices to find a place.

Due to Google’s progress in displaying local results, accurate website information is recorded by Google My Business Necessary. Currently, more than half of online businesses have registered their information on this platform.

  1. Focus on user experience

Google has always encouraged webmasters to pay particular attention to the topic of user experience Out. As algorithms get smarter, websites that do this more accurately have a better chance of getting better results. A positive user experience is more than just coding.

According to studies done by the magazine Oxford, The purpose of the design UX In business, increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty and the passion they have for interacting with a page. The goal should be first to identify the users’ needs and then to design principles that make it easy to work with the website and create a sense of satisfaction for users.

Solutions to achieve a good user experience are easy to implement. Many articles and recommendations in this field have been published on the web. What distinguishes professionals and amateurs is testing A / B Is. Each of us has a particular prejudice about the effectiveness of page elements. By doing a series of tests you can find out which components are appropriate and which are not of interest to the user.

  1. Keywords search

Keywords search You still matter. Good tools in this field like Moz And ahref There are. However the method of using keywords derived from these tools concerning emergence RankBrain It has changed.

RankBrain It’s a machine learning system. This system helps Google instead of focusing on metadata itself to understand the concept of content.

The new generation of keyword search tools are aware of this fact and offer keywords in categories. The categories that users are aiming for are almost a fixed thing. By equipping this information, users can generate content that responds to a set of keywords well. Be careful in using these keywords and never be tempted to indiscriminately use every single keyword.

  1. A better content marketing program than competitors

According to a study by Content Marketing Institute In 2015, only 37% of respondents believed that their content marketing was effective . Since content is one of the two most important factors in Google’s ranking, it must, therefore, be done correctly.

Everyone talks about producing valuable content, but what does that mean? The purpose of creating useful content is to find the right contacts and then reach those users. This is not a difficult process. You just need to be empathetic with your customers.

Always remember the question keywords. Nowadays, more and more users in search engines are asking their questions and paying attention to them can bring you good results.

  1. Use schema to achieve top results

In 2014 Website Searchmetrics According to a report, one-third of search results contain Rich Snippets generated by Skima Markups, while only 0.3% of websites worldwide use this tool. We guess that this number has increased over the years, but there are still many opportunities to use Skima on web pages.

schema markups are pieces of code that are in the format HTML Add to site pages. These tags provide more sophisticated descriptions, which sometimes appear in Rich Snippets in search results. Eskimos in popular formats like Organization, Event, Music, People, Product, Recipe, Review, Rating And Video used.

The most important advantages of using schema are::

  • Rich snippets that improve search results and help users.
  • Schema makes it easier for search engines to understand the content.
  • Microdata increases users’ click on sites in search results.
  1. Linking

One day it may be that the links are of little importance in the ranking, but that day is not yet over. If you ignore one of the two important factors of ranking, you will surely suffer losses. The important thing is to build the right links. Links that link to your website. Such links are useful for the site.

Our solution is to create a strong source of information for your business. Such resources have a high potential for getting links. Plus, a strong source will get more trust from users.

Lastly, there is no need to manage all of Google’s high-ranking factors. Only by focusing on these techniques can you get a lot of organic traffic.

Conclusion: Play the SEO game with the white hat SEO

White hat SEO, a term derived from digital web slang and more particularly from hacking, designates all the methods used by webmasters seeking to have an optimal position on Google. This technique designates those who respect the rules of search engines and the conditions defined by Google policy. She opposes the black hat SEO which represents colleagues with more troubled ambitions who make fun of the weaknesses of the various algorithms of Google.

White hat SEO consists of optimizing your web pages without using unnecessary artifices, in particular by making content your main priority. This technique will allow you to gain a lasting reputation and avoid Google’s penalties when updating its algorithms, Google Panda and Google Penguin. (learn more of White hat SEO training techniques)


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