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Preface: A to Z tutorial on fixing 500 errors on WordPress

Error 500(HTTP error 500), which is usually displayed in the browser with the error message HTTP error 500, is one of the most common errors that occur on any site. Since this error is in the category of 5xx errors, it is related to the occurrence of an error from the server or the hosts.

Error 500 can be the worst error that any site administrator will experience with any content management system; Because of the connection of this error from the site programming side has the largest share among the common WordPress errors. If you pay attention to the message displayed in this error, you will notice that this error is also known as internal server error or 500 internal error, in any case, to resolve the 500 error, you must use different solutions.

First, what is the reason for the 500 error? In this article, we will introduce different ways to fix 500 WordPress errors, with the help of which you can guarantee this error on your site.

What is the HTTP error 500 error?

Error 500 Internal Server or HTTP error 500, which means internal server error is one of the most common HTTP errors that occur on sites. You may ask why this error is displayed with a number at all? This is because the error is not detectable for the server, so it is displayed with the name that an error has occurred in the server that the server is unable to detect the error and you must use the methods that exist to fix the 500 error. Fix.

It is also necessary to mention that because an error of 500 causes the site to become inaccessible and search engines will also detect this error, so to maintain the SEO site and prevent the negative impact of this error on your search engine score, immediately You need to fix the internal server error.

http error 500Error 500

A to Z Tutorial for Internal Server Error 500

This error is indeed on the server-side and you will not be able to fix it if you are a visitor, but sometimes you may encounter a 500 error due to the browser caching at a time when this problem has already occurred. In this case, you can,

  • Refresh the browser screen.
  • Clear the cache in your browser.
  • Delete browser cookies.

When a WordPress 500 error occurs, it is usually due to adding programming code to the functions.php file or installing a plugin that interferes with other plugins or site templates, and we see a 500 WordPress error throughout the site. But to be more sure, be sure to check out one or two other pages as well.

In general, this error is on the default state of each web server, which usually displays the following messages.

500 Error

HTTP Error 500

500. That’s an error

Internal Server Error

HTTP 500 Internal Error

500 Internal Server Error

HTTP 500 – Internal Server Error

In all error messages displayed, the words 500 and Internal server are displayed. This error can be displayed in various forms on different operating systems such as Windows, Android, iOS, and.

http error 500
Internal server error

Note: When you encounter 500 errors on WordPress, be careful as a browser page. This is because sometimes this error is displayed in some browsers with the message The website cannot display the page, which in the case of error 405, the same error is displayed.

Fix 500 errors on WordPress

Error 500 on WordPress can have various reasons, which I will explain how to fix error 500 on WordPress. In the case of internal server error on WordPress, you should generally be able to solve the problem using the following four methods.

1- Change the access level of files and folders

When the access level in WordPress files changes, access to files and folders will be available to a specific group of users, each of which will be able to read and write (view and edit) the directory or file. So if a situation occurs that a group of these users does not have access to the desired file or folder, an error of 500 will occur, to solve this problem, it is enough to change the access level of the files on the host.

Log in to your host and click on File Manager. Next, go to Public_html and where you have installed WordPress check all the folders and WordPress script files that usually start with WP. In this check, you should check the permission column and correct the numbers for each file and folder if there are any discrepancies.

http error 500
Change access level

As you can see in the image, the access level is 755 for folders and 644 for files. Also, note that in this case, it is necessary to check the files inside each of these folders that are on 644 modes. To change the access level, just right-click on the desired file or folder and select Change Permissions.

http error 500
Change access level

Then in the window that opens, set the listed values ​​(755 for folders and 644 for files) and click the Save button.

2- Error in the .htaccess file.

To ensure this, go to File Manager Host and look for a file called .htaccess in the path of Public_html that WordPress has installed. Look around. Since the files whose names start with a dot are hidden, to view this file in the Host C Panel, you need to click on the Settings option at the top of the page, and after selecting the Show Hidden Files (dotfiles) option, select the button. Click Save.

http error 500
View the .htaccess file

After displaying the file, right-click on it and after selecting the Rename option, rename this file to htaccess1. change it. After renaming, open and refresh the page where you encountered an error of 500. If the problem is resolved, go to Settings> Unique Links in the WordPress counter and click the Save Changes button to save the .htaccess file. New to be built.

3- Increasing the amount of PHP memory

If you encounter an HTTP 500 Internal Server error on the WordPress login page, this problem is due to the amount of memory allocated to PHP. To fix this, log in to File Manager Host and go to public_html / wp-admin. Now create a new file called PHP.ini in this folder and put the following code in the file.

memory = 64MB

If you do not succeed in increasing the memory in this way, you can put the following code in the wp-config.php file, which is in the path of installing WordPress.

Define (‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M‘);

If you are not able to add PHP host memory on WordPress in this way, put the following code at the bottom of the .htaccess file.

PHP value memory limit 128M

If you have not been able to increase your WordPress PHP memory using this method, contact your hosting provider, and request that this is done by the hosting provider.

4- Disable all WordPress plugins

In such a case, to identify the malicious plugin is to disable it if the error occurred after activating or updating a specific plugin that you recently installed or updated. But if this is not the case, you should disable all plugins on WordPress and check the site each time you enable each plugin and see which plugin will have a 500 problem.

If you have access to the WordPress counter, just select all the plugins and disable them. But otherwise, you can enter your

wp-content folder and rename the plugins folder to another name like plugins1. After renaming (click the save button) all plugins are disabled. Check the site at this stage, if the problem is resolved, there is a 500 WordPress error from the plugins.

Now revert the plugins folder to its original state and check the page where you encountered 500 WordPress errors to identify the malicious plugin. After an error occurs when activating a plugin, a malicious plugin is detected that you can disable and troubleshoot the plugin or use a replacement plugin.

I hope that the solutions introduced in this article have been of interest to you and with their help, you can fix the 500 error and internal server error 500 error on your site.


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