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Preface: When to redesign the site?

Here are some things that suggest the need to redesign the site and talk about a good SEO design but the main cause related to site analytics data.
Designing a functional site will never happen overnight. A modern-type design requires time, energy, and probably a lot of money. Like other technologies, the Internet is changing rapidly. Users use different devices to view sites. For users to maneuver and work with your website easily, you need constant SEO design updates.

Besides, Google is constantly changing its algorithms, and the site’s user experience is also influencing its rankings. In short, you may not notice that your site needs a major overhaul and redesign. Updating site codes in the background can be useful, but some signs tell us straight away that work has gone through small changes and we need to redesign our site.

Here are some of the signs that all point to the need to redesign the site.

High Bounce Rate

Your site analytics data also gives you more information on how users operate. This data also tells us the need for site optimization. One of the most important features is the site bounce rate. The following is a screenshot of a site’s Google Analytics page. This page is about the Traffic section below the Acquisition menu set.

The bounce rate is the rate at which users leave the site. But what causes users to leave the site? Some of them are:

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Very low page loading speed

Google will always rank higher quality pages for users to display. According to Google’s algorithms, higher speed sites have a higher chance of getting higher rankings. A fast site is not only more powerful for SEO, but it also has a positive impact on users to see more pages. Users usually leave a site when they see a site very slow.

You can test your site’s speed with a variety of tools, such as the PageSpeed ​​Insights Tool. If your site’s speed is not evaluated well in this tool, there is no reason to redesign the site. Most of the time, small changes can improve the site’s speed. But low loading speed can be an effective factor in redesigning the site.

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site analytics data and google pagespeed insight tool

Technical errors

See if the site’s bounce rate has suddenly increased? Check the volume of time users stay on the site. If this time is too short for a few seconds, you probably have a 404 error. Take a look at the site from the user’s point of view (for example, use a different browser). You can also use the Google console to check for errors.

site analytics data and website technical error diagram

Poor user experience

Are you on a site where you can’t see the main content of the page due to the large volume of pop-up windows? Google penalizes such sites, and users leave the site if they can’t find the content.

This can be due to poor navigation of the site, and inaccessibility of menus and poor access to other parts of the site can be a problem and may increase the bounce rate.

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Mobile-Friendly Websites

As you know, the number of mobile internet users is increasing day by day. Almost 60% of searches are currently performed on mobile devices. So make sure your pages are loaded correctly.

Google has a free site testing tool that reports how your site responds to your mobile device. Simply paste the link you want in the box and wait for the report to be pressed. This site is based on standard internet speed on mobile devices (3G internet). As an example, we tested our site on Google on this page and the following result was seen.

This tool will tell you how long your site is loading on mobile devices. It also provides you with an estimate of the number of users you are likely to lose due to the slow speed of the site. You will also be reported on how to troubleshoot issues that have affected the site loading speed.

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redesign the site: Mobile-Friendly Websites

Outdated site design

You’ve probably heard that hardware is outdated and it’s time to get a new model. Internet technologies are the same. Although you are updating the site, after a few years, the core of the site becomes obsolete and outdated.

Do you remember 90s sites? Do you remember the link buttons, neon and gray colors and low graphics? Although some of those websites are still in operation, most users are not interested in using such websites. Take, for example, the Www.Ifindit.Com site.

At first glance, the site was clear to us. Not only do you lose credibility with an old-fashioned site, but you also run away from users. Haven’t updated your blog yet? Here’s a look at one of the most up-to-date site designs.

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Modular design

Apart from the simplicity of new websites, modular website design is becoming popular. The main idea of ​​modular sites is to use flexible templates that are compatible with a variety of content formats and, as in the past, do not work with a single type of content. This is the kind of designer who fits in with Intelligent Content in content marketing.

While the modular design is not suitable for 100% of cases, it is efficient in many cases. Because it uses fewer resources and is easy to implement. Below is an example of a modular design.

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redesign the site: how to create website module design


Think of your business as your home. If this house is very old and the roof is falling apart, no one will come to your house and run away as quickly as possible. Sometimes the home can be repaired with minor modifications, but in many cases, the work is outdated and needs to be demolished and built. Sure it is hard to get past your old home and accept a new one. Especially when you are spending a lot of money, but to attract people you have to reshape this house.

Sometimes you may not know how to repair and update your site(redesign the site), and when you look at site analytics data you can identify problems and find solutions to them. Keep your site up-to-date with Internet changes and site analytics data and don’t forget about mobile users.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to look outside the box and always put yourself in the position of the users. Sometimes trying new techniques on the site. Changing the site’s image may be daunting, but its risk-taking may be worth it.


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