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Preface: Who is involved in the operation of a website designing?

You may have come across the words website designing , webmaster, developer, web designer, and programmer, many people equate the meaning of these words with each other, while in the web world each of these words is related to a person with a specific profession. Continue to us to stay tuned to get together to evaluate the performance of a web site, and to know a website for your activities to what people needed and what tasks.

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In general, a website needs people with the following tasks to continue their activities:

  • Website Designer (Web Designer)
  • Web Programmer
  • Web Developer
  • Website SEO Manager
  • Server Admin
  • Content Managers
  • Webmaster

Of course, it is important to note that not all of these people are usually present on a website and the tasks are shared. Also, on most relatively small websites, all of these activities are performed by a webmaster or webmaster. There is also a link to a customer or user, a sales manager, a social media manager, and a website that we avoid explaining because of the length of the article. Follow us to explain these tasks to you in simple language.

Who is a web designer and what is his / her job?

Think of a web designer( website designing ) as an interior designer. What matters to a web designer is how the website looks like, the web designer’s work tools include fonts, colors, graphics, and so on. They also pay attention to the layout and appearance of the menus.https://avengering.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Siavosh-CVwordpress.site-version.pdf

In other words, web designers can be considered the creative artists of a website that strives to create a pleasant and beautiful appearance part of the UI design of the website is the responsibility of these people.

Consider, for example, an IT contributor, all colors, fonts, site locations, images, and so on are related to web design.

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Who is a Web Programmer and what are its functions?

A web developer is someone who is fluent in at least one of the web programming languages ​​and uses them to code and implement the main structure of a website. He or she can add or edit new functionality to a website. ), But a coder will not necessarily be a programmer.

In this case, if we want to examine the IT partner, the parts of the site that you do not see directly are related to the programming and web section, for example in the right sidebar (which is placed after viewing the site with mobile after this text). There is a section called “Popular Tutorials”, which will intelligently suggest different topics to you based on what you are reading. Creating such a system can be done by programmers.

Who is a Web Developer and what is its function?

In general, web developers, in addition to programming power, can make connections between different components of the website, they also focus on the technical part of the website, how different parts of the website work, the proper functioning of the menu and links, and so on. Which attracts the attention of web developers.

Besides, web developers make sure that the site works well for users and is easily usable part of the UX design of the website will be the responsibility of these people.


Who is in charge of SEO (SEO Manager) and what are its functions?

The term SEO comes from Search Engine Optimization, which means optimizing a site for search engines. The person in charge of SEO for a website should monitor how to write site texts, links, social networks, user behavior analysis, and search engines, and so on. And try to optimize the website so that when users search for one of the contents in search engines to reach our website, in general, the interaction between the site and the search engine such as Google is the responsibility of the website SEO.

Who is the Server Admin and what are its functions?

Let’s first get acquainted with the concept of a server. A server means a server, a computer that is always clear that the website and its contents are stored.

Servers, like any other computer, need to be repaired, configured and maintained. The person responsible for maintaining and caring for this computer will be the server administrator, although for regular websites this is done by the providers and servers.

What is the responsibility of the Content Manager?

Normally, the beating heart of a website is its content, without which there will be no suitable user interface, and as a result, there will be no website. Content producers play an important role in the functioning of a website.

The same text that you are currently reading is the content of the site, the content can include text, image, video, podcast, infographic, etc., which will vary according to the nature of a website, the people who create this content are the same manufacturers. They are content.

Who is a webmaster and what are his / her duties?

Webmasters generally manage a website, producing content, managing, designing and coding in detail, server management, user interaction, optimization and SEO, programming, organizing and updating the website are some of the activities of a webmaster, in general. They can be considered as the French wrench of the website!

Although all of these responsibilities can be performed by individual individuals, on relatively smaller websites, these tasks, in addition to all web design and development activities, are performed by the webmaster.

 web master

Although all or part of these tasks changes depending on the type and subject matter of the website, for example, in a store website, the sales section of a product or service plays a much more important role, but in general, the tasks listed above We mentioned that they can be found on almost every website.

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Conclusion: If you want to build a professional website for your business, only work with website designing agencies.

all of the website development agencies are experts in bringing brands to life digitally. they are a specialist in :

  • Creative Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Branding
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Website developments tools
  • optimize the website for Search engine and social media (SEO/SEM)
  • Content development/marketing

they merge imagination and technology to help brands grow in an age of digital transformation. If you want to create high performing sites for your enterprise business you ought to hire the website designing agency. Because they know very well the website designing and can translate your need with their self specialty.


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