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On October 23, 2000, a new revolution took place in the world of advertising. The world of digital marketing changed forever when Google introduced the Google Ads service. Just 10 years later, Google managed to make $42 billion from its advertising programs. Now AdWords is one of the most beloved children of Google. A child who, in addition to Google, has benefited from many businesses.

AdWords is the most powerful click-through advertising (PPC) service today, allowing you to design and run advertising campaigns for your business. With this service, you can run ads for your business and appear on the Google search results screen.


Here are some reasons to use Google Ads.

Google Ads is standard, measurable, and, of course, flexible

A major advantage of digital marketing over traditional marketing (newspaper and television advertising) is that it can be easily and regularly measured. In fact, there are several metrics that make this possible. Of course, I’m not talking about SEO here.
When it comes to flexibility, there are a number of options that can help you customize your campaign to fit your needs and your goals. For example, here are some uses for Ads.

Specify keywords with EXACT mode

This option is a good feature for those who emphasize a specific keyword (neither one less wow nor one more wow) and want to be displayed for that particular word and only pay for clicks related to it. For example, if you are referring to the keyword “Russian tour”, “Tour” and “Russia”, which are defined in the keyword as EXACT elements, do not correspond to it. As a result, your ad will not be displayed for these searches. Read here to learn more about different types of keywords.

Présentation des annonces sur Google

Ad Extension feature

Such a feature allows you to attribute or add features to your product in your campaign. Product photos, contact information, and any other features you have in mind. You can create a link collection of these and refer it to your site.

Another great feature of Google Ads is that you can use a variety of mechanisms to limit and actually filter your audience. For example, you can screen your audience by location, time of day, language, browser, or the device they use (mobile, PC, laptop).

You will also have special access to sites such as Gmail and YouTube and thousands of Google partner sites to display your ads. I think this is a great feature. In addition, Google Ads allows you to create and launch a network of banner ads that increase awareness (Awareness) of your brand.

Fast return

An important point of AdWords is that it works much faster than SEO and its related mechanisms and has more practical and controllable results. The main weakness of SEO is that it is very time-consuming and may result when you do not mean it. For example, if you have launched a bargain sale on the occasion of Christmas night, this is the only time you are considering and not 2 months later! In this respect, Google Ads and its speed of action have a significant advantage over SEO.

As soon as you start your AdWords campaign, your ads will appear, and you will see the results in a dedicated panel. All data related to visitors and their various components will be recorded. For the relatively small cost you make, you gain considerable speed and agility which helps you a lot. You will have the opportunity to find out if you have chosen significant keywords. Otherwise, you can change them. In fact, you can improve your route based on the feedback you receive.

Why should we use Google AdWords?
Google AdWords

By comparison, SEO is designed for long-term and longer-term applications, while Google AdWords is used for immediate conclusions and short-term economic returns.

Comprehensiveness and inclusion of AdWords

Google has always been looking to improve AdWords, and we can safely say that AdWords has been one of the most effective and important Google services. For example, over time, Google has found that product listing ads and video ads within the YouTube network receive very good clicks from users and have a high rate of return. Well, the addition of such formats to the AdWords platform has been profitable and gratifying for both Google and advertisers.

It is enough to note that a site like YouTube has more than one billion unique and non-repetitive views per month. Such a statistic for daily visits reaches the same number considering the duplicates, so the impact dimensions of such a site are well understood. Also, compared to search engines (other than Google, of course), it has twice the number of visitors to Yahoo and Bing! So the promotional value of such a platform (YouTube) is clear and provable.

You can have complete control over your budget and advertising costs

This is a good thing about Google Ads. In fact, AdWords is a service designed for the rich and the poor, the prince and the beggar! You can charge a small amount and get a good return on the cost. At the same time, you can spend a lot of money and see the impressive results. Although AdWords follows the well-known rule of “the more money you owe, the more you eat”, its strength lies in its flexibility, which gives you the power to manage and control your budget.

  • For example, you can start with a small budget and then increase it.
  • Or vice versa, you can budget a lot for your campaign and then reduce it.
  • Or limit the peak of your advertising activity and most of your budget to a specific date and time.
  • You can even run several campaigns at once.
  • You can differentiate each campaign for three purposes. For example, divide your campaign into three categories: mobile search, banner ad remarketing, and Google search engine.

But if you are new to the world of click advertising and do not really know what budget you should spend on your advertising campaigns, there are several ways in front of you. One is trial and error and relying on your luck. One is to use engineering economics formulas that are available in software such as Excel, and the other is to trust a consultant or digital advertising agency.

Google Ads helps you put pressure on competitors

The use of Google Ads by market players, because of its quick return, so-called market waves and affects the market and competitors. Especially if your competitors do not use it. For example, they use SEO or are stingy in their budget for AdWords. Inevitably, at least for a while, the “away” falls into your hands. However, it is up to you and your opportunists to make the most of the position in which you have the upper hand. But if your competitors also get involved in AdWords, as it is happening; what will happen? Are you losing your competitive advantage and advertising power?

Why should we use Google AdWords?
Why should we use Google AdWords?

If you have the art and power of a “fundamental” view of things, you will understand. Someone who lives on a street with a high-end car is “a driver and uses a device called a car!” And of course, Michael Schumacher is “a driver, and he uses a device called a car!” you understand? AdWords is just a tool, your art is to use it intelligently and wisely, and it is a “rule” and it applies to any device.

Some argue that our goal in advertising is to make money, while AdWords costs us.

My answer to this group of people is a simple sentence. Well, do not advertise! Why start a business and spend your time and money? Go sit at home and put your money in the bank and make a profit every month. We must know that all the power and strength of the modern world is respect for the rules of each game. Whether it’s football or “advertising”.

So the first step is to believe that advertising in general and Google Ads, in particular, are not a cost but an “investment”. You or a number of businesses that for some reason your sales are low, assuming that the quality of your service or product is not a problem, and you have the right supply chain, the only possible step that does not cause you “madness” is advertising.

Now, in what format and through which channels these advertisements are, there is a detailed discussion. However, we are not saying that environmental advertising, billboards, and television advertising are bad. For example, what should an infrastructure company like Apple do if it does not put up a billboard and report a 20-minute advertisement on TV? (After all, these huge budgets have to be spent somehow.)
Or, for example, for Homeland Dairy, which is basically a fast-moving product or FMCG, Google Ads may not seem appropriate, but we can guarantee that if not the best solution, one of the best For businesses that:

  • They are small and medium companies
  • They work in the service department
  • They do not have such a high advertising budget
  • They have seasonal sales
  • And hold a variety of promotions and auctions.

After the cost, you might say no, we are selling well, and thank God we are satisfied! Okay! thank God. But I must boldly say that this is the worst argument. Read James Collins from Good to Great to find out what I mean. The biggest risk for growing and successful businesses is to consider themselves “good” and “satisfied” with the current situation. Such a look and the beginning of the same decline!

Revenons à Google AdWords

OK. Let’s go back to Google Ads. As reported by, in 80% of search engine searches, there are ads that show great coverage. Such an estimate not only shows Google’s huge profits but also shows that the AdWords project has been extremely successful and widely used by advertising clients. In such a situation, there are wise people who, instead of denying such a current, accept it and join it.


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