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Dedicated website design

Avenger IT Next Generation website design company designs and implements a unique and special site for customers by designing responsive web-responsive and completely customized web-based on customer needs and tastes. Our solutions for different classes are real estate site design, legal, medical, news, corporate site design, and online store design. In coding the professional website design template, all the basic principles of website SEO are observed by modern standards.

Other unique features of web design services in Avenger IT Next Generation include optimizing the site and increasing the loading speed while building the site compared to the usual web design and slow sites performed by other competitors, which increases the ranking of your site. Also, WordPress and Avenger IT Next Generation support services are provided around the clock, according to the company’s mission and nearly two decades of specialized web services along with web design, to provide first-class services and full customer satisfaction.

Designing a dedicated site helps businesses

Site design price

The cost of designing a site varies according to the facilities that are implemented for one project compared to other projects. The website designer announces the facilities required for a website to the sales department, and thus, after a needs assessment and technical feasibility study of a website, the final cost is announced to the customer.

Avenger IT Next Generation offers domain registration and web hosting services for free along with web design projects, and by extending the support contract for the website, free registry services, and domains are automatically renewed. These special web services make the cost of web design and support and maintenance affordable for business owners.

Web Design


Responsive site design

Responsive website design is one of the unique features of web design, design, and development of Avengering projects. Due to the increasing spread of mobile phones and increased user visited websites via mobile phones and tablets, all website design projects Avengering to design responsive (Responsive Web Design) implement and run. In responsive website design, the display of the website designed on all computer devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablet, changes according to the visitor’s device, and the size and layout of the web pages are displayed correctly. In a responsive site, design there is no need for horizontal scrolling of web pages, and in this standard and user-friendly way, easy access by different devices is always observed. Besides, another advantage is the easy access to social network users to your site, which leads to the success of online marketing strategies.

Responsive site design

Web Design

Dedicated site design is provided in Avenger IT Next Generation company with the following characteristics:

  • Website design in PHP or Python programming language
  • Responsive website design    – compatible with desktop, mobile, and tablet
  • No need to design a separate mobile app – mobile app – and reduce the cost
  •  Full dynamic programming and  design of the portal and the possibility of updating by the site administrator
  • Providing an easy management panel of the site portal without the need for specialized knowledge along with the necessary training in the form of documentation and face-to-face training along with the preparation of an educational video
  • Coding site template based on basic web and SEO design principles and increasing site rank in search engines
  • Use up-to-date ideas to design a creative website
Web design

Website design service steps

Customers are usually skeptical about which type of site to choose. Does a semi-dedicated site meet their needs or do they have to design a dedicated site?

The process of designing a website in Webmasters company is that during the telephone consultation with sales experts and webmasters, everything that the customer needs from his site is discussed. Following this telephone consultation, which is done by an expert or web designer, the necessary advice is provided to the customer to choose the right solution. After the customer has come up with a mental design of their website model for a face-to-face meeting with the website design of our company is invited. In the face-to-face meeting, additional information such as the type of customer’s business, the nature of the site, and what the customer expects from the dynamic web design are discussed and discussed. Sent to the customer. After the customer approves the technical attachment form, the site design order will be officially entered into the executive phase by Webmasters. This information is then provided to the website design team and determined based on the customer’s needs that the site design is possible with WordPress or that the web design project should be implemented with Python.

Website design services

Advising and receiving proposals

Free project consulting and estimating the price of building your website in person or by phone by the experts of the Avenger IT Next Generation website design company during office hours.

Depending on the project, the designed site will have free technical support and maintenance for a period of three or six months, as well as free one-year high-speed hosting services and domain registration. Webmaster Website Design Company will be at your side in all stages of web design and branding in the field of internet along with your business to achieve better results.

Why choose  Avenger IT Next Generation?

With nearly two decades of experience and credibility in the field of specialized web services, SEO, and site optimization, Web Code has collaborated with many reputable companies and organizations. What sets Avenger IT Next Generation apart from other web design companies is having a professional, creative and experienced design and a programming team that has all the necessary principles and elements, including a beautiful user interface, the right user experience, as well as creating a fully optimized site for the engine. Follow Google search. Also, having a professional support team and first-class web hosting expertise has led to better stability and productivity of the business website. Below you can see some of the web design works of the website.

Shop design portfolio

As online shopping has become more popular in recent years, we are also experiencing the growth of online stores. Webmasters’ website design and development team have several factors in designing an online store. One of the most important things to consider when designing UI and UX design principles is user-friendly and appropriate to a store website so that after the first login the user has the necessary confidence to make an online purchase.

Other important factors of a store site include observing the principles of optimization and SEO, responsiveness, the high loading speed of pages, landing pages suitable for the main categories of the store. Below you can see some of the portfolios of store sites designed by the Avenger IT Next Generation team.


Working with Digital marketing, SEO services, and website design and Migrating services to PWA with a highly experienced team for years, َAvenger IT Next Generation has been able to meet the needs of people in various businesses and help businesses grow. Continuously updating their level of knowledge and exploring different markets has surpassed the pioneers in this field and incorporate successful experiences into their careers.

Avenger IT Next Generation is a progressive and insightful design agency, technically and creatively skilled to translate your brand into its best digital self. Our design and development approach creates impactful, engaging brands, and immersive digital experiences that bring you a return on creativity, call with us.

The network services section of Avenger IT Next Generation has three main titles:

  1. Consulting services and network solutions
  2. Installation and realization of network projects
  3. Network support and maintenance services

These services take the form of short and long-term contracts for network support and maintenance and in the form of projects and cases in the field of consulting and the implementation of networks for businesses, institutions, various industries. , medical and educational centers, large commercial office complexes, petrochemicals, factories, small organizations. , Medium and large, and is provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the site designed to be upgradeable in the future?

When designing a dynamic site, the necessary flexibility for different parts of the site is considered so that the site manager can create changes and edits in different parts of the site based on his needs and tastes.

What is the dynamic site design?

When designing a dynamic site, the necessary flexibility for different parts of the site is considered so that the site manager can create changes and edits in different parts of the site based on his needs and tastes.

Is it possible to edit the site by the customer after the website design is completed by Avenger IT Next Generation?

Yes. The customer can edit different parts of the site. For this purpose, an educational video for the customers of the dedicated site is prepared and presented by Avengering Company so that the customer can make the necessary changes personally.

Is the site designed based on  Seo-based?

Yes. The design and development team and the web designer do the site design using the latest coding techniques and completely SEO.

How to provide domain registration services for site design customers?

Customers who enter into a dedicated site design contract are provided with registration points and a free domain.

What plans does WordPress site support services include?

Avenger IT Next Generation provides professional support for WordPress sites in the form of bronze, silver, gold, and VIP designs.

What topics does the SEO service for the designed site include?

The SEO site consulting and analysis provided by Webmasters includes a report on SEO analysis and internal and SEO On-page processes during a one-year contract.

Is it backed up by web site information?

Website design customers can back up files through their hosts. But if you do not have the necessary skills to prepare a backup, you can send a ticket to the support unit to announce your backup request so that our experts can back up your site information.


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