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Preface: How to install WordPress on Direct Admin

To use the WordPress content management system and WordPress installation, we need a good host or server to host the site. The best operating system for running WordPress is Linux, and this operating system requires a control panel to manage files, databases, and FTP and email accounts. C-Panel Control Panels and Direct Admin are some popular Linux control panels offered by most hosting companies. In previous articles of WordPress Partner, we taught you how to install WordPress on C-Panel, and in this article, we are at your service by teaching you how to install WordPress on Direct Admin.

Install WordPress on Direct Admin

Usually, friends say that the control panel is better than Direct Admin. I agree with you, of course not to be better, easier access. In fact, C-Panel is one of the most popular control panels, but it is currently less common in Iranian hosting, and this is due to sanctions. For this reason, if you have noticed, most of the hosting providers offer direct admin services.
We install WordPress on Direct Admin in 5 steps:

  1. Download the latest version of WordPress
  2. Log in to the Direct Admin control panel
  3. Build a database in Direct Admin
  4. Upload WordPress on WordPress Hosts
  5. WordPress installation

WordPress installation Step 1: Download WordPress

First, download the latest version of WordPress. For this purpose, we have provided the latest versions on WordPress with their changes and specifications.

WordPress installation Step 2: Log in to Direct Admin

To enter Direct Admin, put the phrase 2222: after the domain of your site; For example, if your domain name is, the direct admin login address will be

login directadmin- Install WordPress on direct admin
After entering the mentioned address, enter the username and password of your hosts. Once you have successfully logged in, the Direct Admin Control Panel will open for you.  

WordPress installation Step 3: Build the database

WordPress needs a database to run and needs to communicate well with it. To create a database when installing WordPress on Direct Admin, on the first page of the control panel, enter the MySQL Management section.

mysql- Install WordPress on Direct Admin

On the page that opens, click Create a new Database.

create db- Install WordPress on Direct Admin

On the next page, you must enter the new database information, each of which we will describe.

db info- Install WordPress on Direct Admin

Database Name: Enter the name of the database as desired.
Database Username: Enter the database username as desired.
Username Password: Enter the database password, which must contain uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers, as desired. You can click the Random button to create a strong password for you.
Confirm Password: Retype the password you entered here.

Then click the Create button to create the database.
On the next page, the created database information is displayed. Be sure to write them down.

WordPress installation Step 4: Upload WordPress on the host

In this step, we will upload the file that we downloaded in the first step to the host. To do this, log in to File Manager from the control panel home screen.

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file manager - Install WordPress on Direct Admin

Then enter the public_html folder. Make sure all your files are in this folder. Now from the bottom of the page, click the Upload files to current directory button.

choose file- Install WordPress on Direct Admin

On the next page, click Choose File and select the WordPress zip file that you downloaded in the first step, and then click the Upload Files button. Wait for WordPress to upload.

upload- Install WordPress on Direct Admin

After the upload process is complete, return to the public_html folder. In this folder you will see the WordPress zip file. In the Action column, click Extract to decompress the WordPress file. On the next screen, click the Extract button.

extract- Install WordPress on Direct Admin

Re-enter the public_html folder. As you can see, a folder called WordPress has been created for you. If your domain address is, you must log in to to view the site. But if you want to enter the site by entering the main domain address like, you have to move the contents of the WordPress folder to the public_html folder. To do this, enter the wordpress folder and check all the files; Then click the Add to Clipboard button at the bottom of the page.

add clipboard - Install WordPress on Direct Admin

Now go to the public_html folder and click the Move Clipboard Files here button at the bottom of the page.

move- Install WordPress on Direct Admin

All WordPress files are now in the public_html folder and you can delete the WordPress folder.

WordPress installation Step 5: Install WordPress

Enter your domain address in the browser to enter the WordPress configuration page. On the page that opens, click the “Let’s go” button. On the next page, you have to enter the database information that you created in the third step.

wp info- Install WordPress on Direct Admin

On this page, just edit the first three options according to your database information and do not touch the other options. Then click the “Submit” button and then the “Install Setup” button.
Enter your site information on the opened page.

site info- Install WordPress on Direct Admin

Site Title: Enter your site title.
Username: Enter a username to log in to the WordPress admin panel.
Password: Create a strong password for your username.
Your Email: Enter your email correctly.
Show to search engines: By checking this option, you will not allow search engines to check and access your site, which is not recommended.

Then click the “Launch WordPress” button.

WordPress has now been launched on Direct Admin and you can enjoy your site. To enter the WordPress counter, enter the phrase wp-admin after your domain. For example


Direct Admin, like C-Panel, is a popular control panel for servers. You can easily install and use WordPress on Direct Admin. This popular control panel does not include sanctions and maybe the winner.


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