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In this article, let’s talk about YouTube SEO and improving the ranking of our videos on YouTube and search engines. In fact, the methods provided for video SEO on YouTube are exactly the same methods that we in our  Media team do to increase the number of monthly views of our YouTube channel. If you are also looking to get more views, more comments, increase the number of your members in the channel, and also increase the number of your inputs from Google, you can read the  YouTube SEO tutorial in full.

YouTube SEO training

You may be wondering if a video can really be optimized for certain YouTube keywords to get better rankings in YouTube search results? To clarify this issue, you can see the images below. To help you better understand this.

Improve YouTube video rankings for on-page-seo

As you can see, by taking some special steps you can get a better ranking in YouTube search results for some keywords. Follow the steps below for SEO on YouTube.

Step 1 SEO on YouTube: Find Keywords

Millions of searches are done on YouTube every day. If you want to have more visitors for your videos and show your products and services to many users. It is best to use commonly used and searchable words for video titles and descriptions on YouTube.

 But how do we find the keywords?

The first step in finding the best keywords for your movie and channel on YouTube is to first make a list of the words you are looking for. In this article, we decide to talk about ways to find keywords.

  1. Use the YouTube search suggestion tool

    One of the most important strategies we use in we to find keywords. Use the feature to search for YouTube offers. All you have to do to find the keywords you want to use this method is to go to YouTube and type in the search term for the phrase and word you want. At this point, YouTube offers you a wide range of keywords related to what you have entered.

    This method is the best way to extract keywords on YouTube because the proposed set of phrases are exactly the phrases that are typed or written by the user in Google.

  2. Find keywords in popular YouTube videos

Another way you can use this is to select the most popular videos that are related to the keyword you want to target as keywords. Undoubtedly, choosing the best keywords and also optimizing keywords is an important part of SEO videos on YouTube. If you watch a particular video that has a lot of views, this video is undoubtedly optimized with a popular keyword. To find keywords using this method, go to the channels that are related to your keyword and sort the videos by Most Popular.


Sort videos by popularity on YouTube

With this method, you can see the most videos seen in a channel in the image below.

Sort videos on YouTube by popularity

Select a video from the list above. Note: Choose a video that is related to the keyword you want. In the next step, you should see what keywords the video is optimized for. This is very simple, you just need to check what words are used in the title, description, and tags of this video. For example, the following video is optimized for the phrase video SEO.

Keywords in the title and description of the video

You can also use this method to find the list of keywords you want.

But how do we choose the best keywords?

The next step after finding the list of keywords is to select the best keywords from the list. To do this, you only need to follow the steps below. If you have just launched your channel and do not have many visitors, it is best to choose keywords with little competition. Choosing highly competitive keywords will not work for you. First, look for low-keywords to gain a number of visitors, and over time, as the number of visitors increases, go for more competitive keywords.

For example, if I am looking for SEO for a channel or video on YouTube and I have SEO, SEO training, and SEO training in Paris on my list, I will definitely choose the sample SEO work in Paris first because it is less competitive. Enjoys.

Optimize your YouTube videos for Google as well

Most of the steps to increase the video rank on YouTube as well as YouTube SEO for Google are the same. The best thing is that in addition to improving the ranking of videos on YouTube in the video section of Google results, be one of the top videos and direct many views to your video and channel through search engines. It is true that the most views for a movie and video on YouTube are from within the YouTube app, but you need to know that by having a good ranking for videos on Google, you can have more views.

But how do we optimize YouTube videos for Google?

The best way to do this is to optimize your videos with the keywords they search on Google. By searching for different terms, you will find that Google has movie-type results for certain keywords. These words will be the best words for your optimization.

Video optimization on YouTube for Google

In general, Google has video results for the following phrases.

Training – (SEO training, cooking)

Movies – (SEO Training Videos)

How – (How to SEO your site)

These are just some of the keywords that Google has video results for.

But why is it important to optimize YouTube videos for the Google search engines?

If you optimize your video for a keyword that has no Google search, you usually only get traffic through YouTube itself, but if you optimize your video for a keyword that is also searchable on Google, no doubt You will also get a lot of hits through search engines

Step Two SEO on YouTube: Increase video views on YouTube

YouTube has stated over and over again. If you want your videos to appear in the top results of YouTube results, you have to have a lot of visitors and people are constantly watching your videos on YouTube. So retaining your audience and getting your audience back to your video and channel will be the most important factor in ranking.

Simply put, if your video keeps people on YouTube, it will rank higher in search results. Because YouTube wants to keep people in their program for longer to click on ads

In the image below, you can also see the importance of movie ratings on YouTube with the number of comments.

Video comment chart on YouTube

How to increase the number of YouTube channel members?

The simplest way is to put the channel ID at the bottom of your videos and at the end of the videos, ask your video viewers to join your channel for more information and to watch new videos. The more members your channel has, the more people you can keep on YouTube for a long time. Improving the ratings of movies is one of the advantages of having more members.

5 Important Factors for Ranking Videos on YouTube (YouTube SEO)

  • Number of video comments
  • Subscribe or follow the channel after watching the movie
  • Shared videos
  • Click-Through-Rate (CT)
  • Video length

Step Three SEO on YouTube: Optimizing Videos

So far, you have learned what you need to know. Now it’s time to share your videos on YouTube and apply what you have learned about finding keywords.

Speak your keywords

Nowadays, YouTube knows what the shared video is about, using phonology it can better understand what you are talking about. So mentioning keywords can be a positive point for optimizing video on YouTube. Of course, this is the case for English-speaking users.

Video title

The length of the keywords you use in the video should not exceed 5 keywords. Also, avoid excessive repetition of words in the title.

Video description on YouTube

As the title of the video, the descriptions should use related keywords so that the user can select the best content by viewing the title of the YouTube video and the description of your video. Note that the description you write should be about the video, not the description of your ad. You should write the description of your video in such a way that users will read it and realize that this is the video they want. Always use your brand in the video description and link it to the related pages on your site.

Principles of writing video descriptions on YouTube

  • Write your target keywords at the beginning of the description (first 25 words)
  • The length of the description should be less than 250 words
  • Use your keywords two to three times.

Video tags

Tags are not very important in YouTube SEO, but they can help you. The first tag I use is exactly the same as my target keyword. I also select other tags from the keyword LSI. Using these tags, you show YouTube, the search engine, and the user what your video is about, and YouTube can determine which videos to suggest to the user next to the video.

Last word:

The most important part of YouTube SEO is choosing and optimizing the video for that keyword. Try to choose the best keywords for optimization and express the keywords in the tag, video name and video description. Another point to note is the attractiveness of writing video descriptions.


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