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9 steps Develop an SEO strategy 2021

What does SEO strategy mean?

SEO strategies (also referred to as “SEO strategy” or “Search Engine Optimization Principles”) are a process that involves planning, describing, and executing steps designed to improve search engine rankings.

In other words, an SEO strategy is a process that you follow when you want to get more dynamic traffic.

With this in mind, the following are the steps in creating an SEO strategy in 2021:

Step # 1: Create a keyword list
Step # 2: Analyze Google Home Page Results
Step # 2.5: Categorize Keywords (New Update)
Step # 3: Create different or better content
Step # 4: Add the link
Step # 5: Optimize the site’s internal pages
Step # 6 – Optimize for Search Objectives
Step # 7: Increase the attractiveness of the content
Step # 8: Get the link
Step # 9: Update and improve old pages

The impact of the HTTPS protocol on SEO and comparing it with HTTP

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