Google Ranking Factors

Google Ranking Factors – The Biggest Effective SEO Criteria

Google Ranking Factors are over 200 criteria. In this SEO training article, the most influential metrics in SEO are listed.

Page rankings can have a huge impact on ranking and improving a website’s position in search engines. The biggest factors(Google Ranking Factors) that can influence search engine ranking are the following SEO article.

Page content

The content of a page is what makes those pages worth appearing in the search engines. Users come to your pages to see content and as a result, they are extremely important to search engines. That’s why creating good and relevant content is important. So what’s good content? From an SEO perspective, all good content has two characteristics. Good content should generate demand and should be linkable.

Good content generates demand

Just like global markets, information is also affected by supply and demand. The best content is the ones that can meet the most demand. The content can be an article on the Wikipedia site or a joke on the 9GAG site. So it can be understood that the content can be a photo, video, text, audio or text, no matter what the content is it has to be able to generate the demand to be recognized as good content.

Good content can be linked

From an SEO perspective, there is no difference between the best and the worst content on the Internet if the content is not backlink able. If people are not able to link to content, search engines will certainly not rank for it, and as a result, your content will not generate any traffic to your site. Unfortunately, this happens more than you think. One example of this is the AJAX image slideshow, the content is accessible when you log in and the content cannot be published or shared. The content for which they are not in demand and the links are not very interesting to the search engines as well as people.

Title tags

Title tags are the second most important factor(Google Ranking Factors) behind the content in SEO page factors.


Along with built-in smart linking, SEOs need to be sure of the hierarchy that is generated in URL categories.

The following URL represents the appropriate URL category and structure:


This URL clearly shows the hierarchy on this page. This information is used to determine the relevance of the web page given to the search engine. Given the hierarchy, engines can conclude that this page is not generally related to history (due to history in the URL), but rather to historical video games. This makes it an ideal candidate for search results related to the history of video games. You can even guess all this information without having to process in-page content.

The following URL represents an inappropriate URL category and structure:


Unlike the example above, this URL cannot reflect the hierarchy of site information. Search engines can see that the given page is related to the titles on the IMDB domain (/ title /) but cannot identify what the page is about. The “tt0468569” reference does not directly include something that the searcher is interested in searching for. This means that the information provided by this URL is of very little value to search engines.

The URL structure is very important because it helps search engines understand the importance of ratios and adds useful communication standards. It is also useful from the anchor text perspective because people are more likely to click on links that use related words and sentences if their keywords are in the URL.

Best SEO Method

Content can be called the meat of sites (structure and HTML are bone and bone of the site), and users refer to your site for your content. It is very important to create ideal content pages for a given subject.

The purpose of the given web page should be stated directly in all of the following areas:

  • Title tag
  • URL
  • Page content
  • Alt text photo (alternative text)

The best example we can give for SEO-optimized sites is the free encyclopedia site. All the factors9Google Ranking Factors) on its page are optimized.

The content on the page of this photo has been considered good for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the content itself is unique on the Internet (which makes search engines rank well) and the information contained therein is both deep and very specific. If a searcher has questions about Super Mario World, this page is very likely to answer them.

In addition to the content, the design of this page is also very convenient. The page title is in the title tag (Super Mario World – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia), the URL (, the page content (page header, “Super Mario World”), and the text Replaced in-screen photos are also inserted.

 The image represents a page with a lower resolution than the image above for the “Super Mario World” search. While the subject of the page is presented in some important elements of the web page (title tags and images), its content is less powerful than the Wikipedia example and the information provided provides help and less information to the reader.

Also if you read the text of this image you can see this page was created for marketing: “Mario is on his biggest adventure so far, and this time he brought a friend with him.” The message and text language on this page are not elements that the user will like and choose for their search response. You can see in the first sentence of Wikipedia: “Super Mario World is a game platform developed and released as a package by Nintendo. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was released at the beginning. ”

The Wikipedia example tells the reader that Super Mario World is a game developed and released by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Another example does not. Search results on Bing and Google show that the page that is better optimized gets higher rankings.

An ideal optimized website

An ideal optimized website(with Google Ranking Factors) should have all of the following features.

  • Highly relevant to a specific topic (usually a product or topic)
    * Topic included in the tag
    * Topic included in the URL
    * Topic included in the photo Alternate text
    * Multiple topics in the content
  • Provide unique content for the given topic
  • Link it to your category page
  • (If applicable) Link it to the page below your category
  • Link it to your homepage (usually this is done with a photo showing the site logo and a link to the homepage)


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