what is the SERP?

SERPs or SERPs is an abbreviation for Search Engine Result Page. The search engine results page is Google’s answer to the user search. SERPs typically include organic search results, Google Adwords results, Featured Snippet, Knowledge Graph, and video.

in other words:

You type a phrase on Google. And SERP is what you go back for.

What is SERP

Although Google currently has dozens of SERP features that appear on the front page, the two most important are Google advertising results and organic results.

Google advertising results and organic results on SERPs
The monetization results of keyword bidding are done through Google ads. Although Google Ads recognizes the importance of ads, they are ranked by the highest bidder. The organic results of Google’s positioning patterns determine that the best and most relevant results are for a given search.

Why is SERPs Important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SERPs determine how your site appears on Google’s front page.

For example, you are checking your site’s position on the Google homepage for the keyword “How to set up a website”

That’s great … until you see the SERP features bring down the result # 1.

Search result for how to set up SERP
This means that even if you leave page 1, you probably won’t get many clicks.
On the other hand, SERP is much less crowded for the keyword “link building”.

Keyword link building in SERPs results
In essence, the 10 blue links you see mean that your organic result has a good chance of clicking.
Another important factor to consider when evaluating SERPs is to keep in mind non-click searches.
According to statistics released by the Sparktoro site, there are more click-through searches than ever before.

Google searches without clicks
And these non-click searches are largely due to the features of SERP (Google Featured Snippets response).
For example, let’s say “when did Google start”.

when did Google start

Why click on one of the 10 blue links in the search results when you get your first page?

That’s why you want to target keywords that don’t have any SERP features. This way, your result will be highlighted and clicked on.
Using it, here are some common Google SERP elements:

Organic search results

  • Organic results are determined by the sophisticated Google algorithm (which has more than 200 ranking factors).
  • Although Google’s algorithm is a secret, they have confirmed several key ranking factors, including:
  • External SEO signals (the number of websites that link to a specific page, also known as “backlinks”)
  • Internal SEO signals
  • Site loading speed
  • Brand and trust signals
  • The standard organic search results include:
  • Page title (title tag)
  • Page URL
  • Meta Description


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