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preface: Google site registration  and, alternative site registration

Google Webmaster is one of Google’s free tools for optimizing and assisting the business of web sites that we teach on-site registration(Google site registration) on Google and alternative site registration.

If you have just launched your website and are thinking of generating an entry for your website from Google search engine then you can simply register your website in Google so that the Google robots will also check your website and Offer search results to users.

Also at Google Webmaster, webmasters have tools to look at their website in terms of search engines and fix potential flaws to get the best results from the search results page.

Let’s start with the benefits of using Google Webmaster.

The Benefits of Registering on a Webmaster Google

– Site Indexing in Google Engine

– Control and view site traffic

– Calling Google Crawler to a specific post on the site

– Check how your site is viewed from Google

– What search terms are referred to your site.

– What websites have links to your site?

– Does your site perform well on mobile and tablet?

And other benefits that make using Google Webmaster an important one for sites.

This article will teach you how to use Google Webmaster to your website step by step.

Another Google Webmaster name is the Google Search console.

Submit a site on Google

You must have an account on this site to use Google Tools.

  • Go to and sign in.
  • Enter the full name of your website and click on the Add A Property button.

Google Site Registration - Add Site

  • At this point, you should go through the process of verifying the site that this site belongs to you.

It is possible to verify the site in several different ways that we follow in this tutorial through Google’s recommendation.

Google Site Registration - Confirmation

  • First, download the file by clicking on this HTML verification file.
  • Then upload the downloaded text file to your site’s Public_html folder.

At this point, you can upload this file by going to the File Manager section of your Host Panel.

  • Click on the link shown by Google to make sure the file is copied correctly.

When you click on the comment link, you will see the content of the Google text file.

  • After verifying the previous steps, click on Verify and after a few seconds, you will receive Google approval.

At this point, you have registered a site on Google Webmaster.

After completing these steps, you will go directly to the Google Webmaster Tools User Panel.

If you need to learn other ways to register a site on Google, use the alternative site registration tutorial on Google Search Console.


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