SQL injection

What is SQL Injection?

Injection to a database or database (SQL Injection) is a type of web attack in which an attacker or hacker executes malicious commands on the database of the target website. In this attack, the attacker can exploit and exploit security breaches in the code written by the site developer using his own knowledge (or just a simple program!). Because in this attack the hacker actually adds the custom code to the SQL code, it is called SQL injection.

A successful SSL injection attack can easily expose important data in the database (including passwords, users’ personal information, etc.), add arbitrary attacker data to the database, or delete specific data from the database.

How to Prevent SQL

Injection Bug The web developer needs to know how this bug works, and it’s much easier to prevent than is commonly thought.

How do squalor injection attacks occur?

During the scripting attacks malicious code enters the web form field or website code to execute commands on the server system. As a legitimate user, you can execute SQL Server commands in a database only by importing queries into the web form. For example, an arbitrary command from a hacker can open the command line to view the database table list. Database tables may also contain vital information such as credit card information or passwords. For this reason, one of the security issues they point out when designing a secure site is that you must safeguard the critical information you store in the database, such as a password or credit card number in the text. Don’t save plain text! Be sure to store this information in hashish and encrypted databases,
SQL servers are very popular databases around the world that many companies and organizations use to store confidential information. For this reason, this type of server makes it an ideal target for hackers.


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