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what is Search Engine?

We usually remember Google and Yahoo when we hear the term search engine.

That’s not wrong, of course. Google and Yahoo are two examples of search engines and are among the most popular search engines.

But the search engine  (SE) does not necessarily have to search the web.

The search engine definition (more generally) can be as follows:

Search engines are a set of software and hardware that can search for a particular volume of data, information, or data within a specific space of users or software.

This search can be done on your computer’s hard drive, on your mobile storage, in a database or on the web.

If a search engine in the web searches for information, it is called that web SE

In the world of technology, any system that searches for specific data across a large volume of information is called aSE.

But what is now commonly known as  Search Engine hear the shorthand phrase web search engine or Web Search Engine because of its popularity, a shortened version of the SE used.

With the advent of the web and the unimaginable growth of content production, the importance of search engines has become more and more prevalent, and today we see  Google as the top search engine in the world, one of the largest economic entities in the world.

If you are interested in studying the history of the first search engines on the Internet, Zoonen Reich has detailed this history in one of the most classic articles that cite many other sites.

But perhaps the most important thing about search engines is that Google, which now dominates the industry, is a new company compared to other companies, such as Yahoo and Altavista, and is coming in late.

This is usually one of the classic examples of a  strategy that being late or entering a market is not always a problem and can be an advantage.

If you are interested in knowing the market share of each of the Internet search engines, you may find the following chart (from that shows the market share of Year 2018:

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