What is a chatbot and how it is made?

 What is ChatBotChatbots are a service designed with a set of rules, with the help of artificial intelligence, that users interact with through a chat interface. Chatbots have become increasingly popular for internet businesses since 2017. For this reason, companies such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft have invested heavily in this technology.

For this purpose, in this post, I am going to share the key points of chatbot training with you dear friends. This post is a quick guide to making chat robots.

One simple and important point:

Did you know that bot and robot are two completely separate categories? Before you get to know chatbot, you should know the concept of the bot:

What is a bot?

Butt is a computer program that does repetitive tasks automatically. Also, bots are used as the primary tool for automating interactions with large-scale websites. You might find that search engines like Google also use bots to crawl and index web pages. It’s probably thanks to Google bots that you are reading this now and you are reading it!

When talking about bats, we have to consider many aspects. Bots are much easier to use today than ever before, and they have many applications from the business world to everyday life. The goals that bots pursue are expanding every day, depending on who produced the bots.

Recognize visitors and audiences

Before you start designing and building a chatbot, it is very important to know who will use your chat robot and what information you have about them. Any analytics tool that can give you information and information about visitors and audiences is very useful for this step.

Choose the right conversation tone

Conversational chatbots use a natural tone of voice for conversation. Note that the tone of voice you choose depends very much on the nature of your business.

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