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Google Analytics Report for SEO

Preface: Important Google Analytics Report for SEO A successful SEO strategy should be monitored consistently and its data analyzed. Your sixth sense may sound great when deciding to buy a shoe, but not at all appropriate when planning for SEO. Google Analytics/Google Analytics Report is a rich source of data and most importantly free. However, …

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how to do SEO

how to do seo? How does SEO work?

Preface theses are the main Questions: how to do SEO? How does SEO work? Search engines are constantly evolving over time. Annually new methods introduced as SEO requirements, and other methods become up-to-date with Google updates. In the meantime, SEO Used as a tool to combat search engines, by SEO experts and webmasters. They know that SEO can …

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desktop SEO against mobile

Mobile SEO against desktop

preface : Based on our experience of different mobile SEO against desktop projects,  we had been created a detailed guide on mobile SEO. but  I hope it will help newcomers to mobile SEO missing some of the key issues. But in this article  we want to talk about: What mobile SEO is? Why mobile SEO is …

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