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If you want to use WordPress as your site’s production, use Breadcrumbs for SEO settings. Breadcrumbs WordPress will be one of the most important components of SEO.

Breadcrumbs are an important part of any good website. These link texts not only tell users wherein the site they are, but they also help search engines like Google understand the structure of your site.

These are some of the reasons that make us use CRC or Breadcrumbs Encourage. In this article, we will look at how the crumbs work and their types. Finally, we will teach you how to implement a Crumb board in WordPress.

What Are Breadcrumbs?

When that famous character, Hensel and Gretel, got into the woods, Hensel threw breadcrumbs on the ground so they could find their way back home and not get lost in the woods. These breadcrumbs have today become a model for webcasts. A crumb is a short link text that is often at the top of any page. These breadcrumbs show you where you are on the screen at the same time. All words are clickable and the source of all of them is the homepage of the site.

Breadcrumbs are also displayed on Google. If using WordPress using plugin  Yoast SEO You can automatically add this data to any page. Search engines are able to collect these ads and display them in search results. This helps the users to understand the place before entering the site.

Different types of breadcrumbs

If we take a close look at the range of the crumbs we can see the variety. Here are three popular and widely used crab boards on the site that you must have seen:

Hierarchy based breadcrumbs

You have seen this type of breadcrumb and are usually at the top of the screen. Hierarchical breadcrumbs let you know where you are on the site and are a few steps from the home page. For example, for our site posts, the Crumbs should look like this:

Home page> weblog > Post Name.

Breadcrumbs wordpress

Features based breadcrumbs

These types of crumbs usually come after selecting one or more features. For example, at a store site, when you select multiple features from a product, these breadcrumbs appear. Such as:

Home> Product Categories > Gender > Size > Color.

Breadcrumbs wordpress

History-based breadcrumbs

Such crumbs are created based on what pages you have left. Overall this type of breadcrumbs looks like this:

Home> previous page > previous page > previous page > Present page

It can also be used in combination with other types of crumb boards like the one below from an online store.

Breadcrumbs wordpress

Why Use Breadcrumbs?

There are several reasons for using Crumbs all with SEO  Are related. These are the reasons:

Google loves Breadcrumbs

Like users, Google loves Breadcrumbs. Google Crumbs allows Google to take a different look at the site structure. In addition, Google uses Crumb’s information on search pages. Therefore, displaying your site in search pages will be more attractive to users and overall the site will be enhanced.

Breadcrumbs enhance the user experience

People hate being lost. They look around for a new place to identify familiar objects or objects. This process is also available on websites. You should lessen the fear of users and keep them satisfied. By displaying appropriate and familiar outputs, the CRCs enhance the user experience and they no longer press the back key. As you know the user experience of important SEO parameters is considered.

The range of the Breadcrumbs reduces the bounce rate

Today fewer people enter the site through the homepage, and most visits occur naturally through search engines. This means that every page of your site can have an entry. If the site’s homepage doesn’t get users’ satisfaction, you should use tips to redirect them to other parts of that page.

Using Breadcrumbs can offer a number of alternatives to users, thereby reducing site bans and greatly contributing to website SEO. Surely we also believe that sending users to the homepage is better than pushing the back button and returning to Google.

How to add a Breadcrumbs board to the site?

There are many ways to add a Breadcrumbs to a site. If you are using WordPress or Joomla, there are many plugins for this. If you use different content management systems, the process may be different. You can also manually add the Crumb board structure data to any site.

You can use the following code to add a crumb board to your WordPress web site:

[ jv_quote style = "default" width = "0"] [/ jv_quote ]

If you use WordPress(Breadcrumbs WordPress), this code can often be found in files Single.Php or Page.Php Site and at the top of the page title. Some WordPress themes have it at the bottom of the file Header.Php They put. But never file it Functions.Php Don’t put it on because it can cause problems.

After adding this code you can plug into the Advanced section Yoast SEO Scroll down and enable support for breadcrumbs. Here you can customize the breadcrumbs structure and add prefixes.


In that famous story, both Hensel and Gretel were lost in the jungle by throwing breadcrumbs, but you do not let users of the site feel lost. Understanding board games is very easy for users to understand and understand the structure of the site by watching board games. That’s why Google is also interested in it and if you use WordPress sites using the plugin Yoast SEO, you can easily add it to the site. Breadcrumbs WordPress will be one of the most important components of SEO.




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