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Google introduced two new attributes to change the Nofollow rules

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Google introduced two new attributes about the Nofollow tags

Google, along with the changes it has made to the Nofollow Attribute, has introduced two new attributes to help understand the nature of the this short article, we explain these new Nofollow rules and Nofollow Tags.

The two new attributes that have joined Nofollow rules are:

rel=“sponsored”: attributed to a link created for advertising or similar purposes on the page.

rel=“ugc”:  attributed to a link created in user-generated content such as comments and forum posts.

These attributes help Google use the link as a signal for ranking. This means that these links may not be ignored by Google as they used to.

But why might these links not be completely ignored? Google’s explanation is:


Links contain valuable information to improve search results. For example, such information can be used to refer to words used in links. Taking note of all the links in content helps us to identify abnormal linking patterns. Using the hint model (Google’s new model for evaluating Nofollow links) we will no longer lose any information while allowing site owners to use a variety of models to evaluate links.

We will discuss these changes in SEO and Nofollow rules.

What site owners and SEO professionals need to know?

Link attributes are still important

Announcing the link’s advertising to avoid penalties is still important. Google prefers that you use sponsored Attribute, but Nofollow is not a bad option either.

There is no need to change the current attributes

You do not need to change the attributes of the Nofollow links listed on the site. Google will respect the nofollow links now. There is also no need to change the way nofollow attributes are used to specify advertising links. However, Google recommends using sponsored links instead of nofollow if necessary.

How to use new attributes correctly?

Several attributes can now be used in a single link. For example, rel = “ugc sponsored” is perfectly acceptable if the link in question is of an advertising type created by users.

Google will help you determine the type of link, but it is up to Google to decide whether to rank it as a signal. Note that a link to promote another website must use sponsored or nofollow attribution.

These changes will be effective from today

These attributes can be identified and influenced by Google’s policy changes today. The sponsored and ugc attributes will be used as Google’s guides. Nofollow also works as a guide from now on, meaning Google may use it in the ranking.

For those who are simply confined to the nofollow attribute, it is best to switch to a new attribute if possible



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