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Preface: What is Structured Data(SD)?

You have probably already eaten structured data expressions, and JSON-LD. But what do these terms mean? What is SD? What does Structured Data do? And what is the relationship between them and SEO?why using structured data? This is for anyone interested in answering these questions. So join us to find all Structured data tips tutorial.

Structured data is a code that is formatted and written in a way that is understandable to search engines. Search engines read this data and use it to display search results.

Imagine that you have a cooking site and you publish cooking instructions. Adding SD to a recipe’s recipe page will change that page’s display in search results. Your site page has more information in search results (like the one below)

"what is structured data

You will find that along with the recipe, other information such as the calorie of the meal, how long it is cooked, and the number of user comments is included. To achieve such a display, you need to use structural data on the site pages.

There are many types of structural data. Structural data always contains a piece of code. There is structured data for your books, reviews, videos, and online store products. In all these cases, using structured data will make your site richer in search results.

It is important to note here that unfortunately, Google does not always display SD in search results, even if you have added it to your page. There is no guarantee. So all you can do is add it to your page and hope that Google will use them in the search results.

What can we do with structured data?

You can talk to Google using structured data. You can tell Google what ingredients are in your cooking recipe, how long it takes to prepare this dish, and how many calories a plate of this dish has. Google collects this data and decides to display it in search results.

So SD is a tool for Google to provide accurate information about a page. Google can use this information and provide better search results. Users also like this data.

What is

The major search engines around the world have created a project called where they can view all supported SD. This has made this website a huge collection of code.

You can find the code associated with your page using For example, if you are a T-shirt retailer on your website, you can customize the colors and sizes of that T-shirt to be SD. You can search this site carefully and find relevant structured data.

At, you can copy and paste the code into your website with the correct settings.

What is is a large classification of codes supported by search engines. There are many examples of code on this website that you can use.

What is JSON-LD?

JSON-LD is one of the codes. It’s a way of writing code. also has other types of code, such as Microdata and RDFa. You can easily use JSON-LD on your website using Google Tag Manager.

using structured data
Structured data tips tutorial: What is JSON-LD?

Why is SD important in SEO?

Structured data is important in SEO because it helps Google make it easier to understand the topic of your page. Google needs to know what your site is about to show it in search results. Using structured data is like talking to Google and expressing page information to it. This will certainly affect the site rank.

Most importantly, SD changes the type of page display in search results and gives users more information. This increases the likelihood of clicks by users and more clicks will certainly increase the site rank.

what is structured data

How to use SD?

Using structured data may seem a little difficult, but you can do it. First, select the code you want and synchronize it with your website. Then you put it on the website using Google Tag Manager.

using SD

Don’t have the skills to use codes? Use plugins

If you use content management systems, you can add a variety of SD to pages by using plugins. For example, using these plugins can easily incorporate SD related to store location on pages. No need to go over code and just do it with one plugin. There are many plugins in this field and you can find them by searching.


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