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Our suite of PWA design and PWA development services

Our team of Progressive Web App Builders( PWA development services) leverages the potential of PWA Technology to offer services that make you stand out in the World of Millions

According to Henrik Joreteg, PWA is the single biggest thing to happen on the mobile web since Steve introduced the iPhone!”

If you are curious about progressive web Application and useful topics then follow us on the following articles in our blog.

Pwa Versus native app - PWA development services
PWA development services

PWA From scratch

Our team of PWA Developers helps you with the conceptualization, design, and development of Progressive Web Apps using all the latest technologies like HTTPS, Lighthouse, App Shell, etc.

Migration to PWA( progressive web app builders )

Our team helps startups and establishments having Websites and Native Mobile Apps in migrating their presence to PWA and expand their user baser to billions across the world.

Securing the ecosystem

Our progressive Web App Developers make your app secure by using the HTTPS facility for preventing any unauthorized access. Our PWA specialists boost security further with data encryption, powerful architecture, and multiple security layers.

Search-Engine friendly solution

We are a leading PWA development company that builds apps that can easily be accessed and indexed by Google SERP, ranking high for heightened visibility and facilitating greater chances of conversions. We understand how it’s a walk on shells when you are present on too many platforms with the same app. We have been able to maintain our position as the esteemed React Native App Development Company because of our Team of Quality Analysts who don’t just ensure that your app is prepared for both iOS and Android store, but also make sure it is up to date according to the needs of the mobile users, irrespective of the platform.

What can Appinventiv’s progressive web app builders do for you?

  • Make your brand visible to the world

  • Solve the problem of app installation fatigue

  • Increase the app loyalty count

Our team is skilled to engineer an engaging PWA solution

App Shell

The application shell is a user interface that reliably and instantly loads on the users’ screens like what we see on Mobile applications.

Service Worker

A service worker is a script that is run by the browser in the background for syncing the application and push notifications with the server in real-time.

Web-App Manifest

The JSON based manifest file helps in the configuration of the application’s look and feel on the mobile device and the home screen icon.

How do I get started?

Once you have discovered the new technologies, the next online challenge will be the decision to adopt them. Most people find themselves in a dilemma at this point. The decision must be motivated by your specific business needs. The following two cases can help you identify the method that is right for you to implement PWA.

1- From zero

Consider the scenario when a business is building a new website or going through a redesign. In this case, building a PWA from Ground Zero is logical and achievable. This will allow the company to harness the power of PWA with AMP, service workers, the application shell, and the web manifest. For example, according to Ali Express, once they reorganized their website as a PWA, they were able to increase their conversion rate for new users by 104%, gaining twice as many page visits per session per user on all browsers and 74% increase in time spent per session on all browsers.

2-  A simple version or a single functionality

When building from scratch is not realistic, one can always create a simple version of the website or focus on a single feature that has a high impact on end-users. The goal is to provide a fast, engaging and reliable experience. AirBerlin is a suitable example in this case. They focused on the post-booking experience in their PWA. Once a passenger has checked in, they can access their trip details and boarding pass even without an Internet connection.

All of the Challenges in PWA

There are some challenges in PWA that have to be considered while choosing it.

a) Cross Browser Support: While Chrome, Opera, and Samsung’s Android browser support PWA, IE, Edge, and Safari are yet to extend their support.

b) Limited Functionality: PWA doesn’t have support for any hardware that is not supported by HTML5

c) Limited Legitimacy: As there is no central download Store for PWA, they lack in giving a sense of legitimacy and confidence which is usually given by native apps from the Play Store/App Store.

d) Cross Application Login Support: Native apps can talk to other apps and authenticate logins (Facebook, Twitter, Google). As a webpage, PWA can’t communicate with other apps installed.

PWA Features checklist - progressive web app builders
PWA development services

Development Methodologies

PWA is the best solution in today’s growing world with its numerous benefits. However, adding the headless functionality will take the PWA to the next level.

So, let’s see how it enhances the Development Experience-

  • Headless PWA Helps in Standardization- The Headless PWA with its trending techniques will make the web app development faster. This, in turn, will allow the achievement of a standard.
  • Latest Architectures- With the headless PWA, we can achieve a lighting fast frontend with a microservice architecture.
  • Modern Technological Stack- The app uses React Js, which offers a flexible framework to make faster stores in less time.
  • Headless Approach- The headless approach connects via API the decoupling will allow the modification of backend with affecting the frontend.


We cannot say that PWA will kill native apps in the future. But still, there is a growing interest in this approach in the community. PVAs are still in their infancy and face many challenges. Yet, they have the potential to create a change in how the web works.

While both frameworks have gone a long way since 2015 and are continuously updated to suit modern-day requirements, here’s what we suggest be the main takeaway:

  • If you’re a company that puts interactivity and versatility first, you will love what PWA brings to the table.
  • However, if AMP feels like more than enough for where you are now, don’t worry that it will be a blind alley once you scale up! If you ever decide to transition to a PWA, you won’t need to build it from scratch.
  • It’s important to note that there are several ways of preloading your PWA with AMP-derived data or even embracing a mixed AMP PWA approach (which is a topic for a whole different post). If you’re curious to know how PWA-AMP transitioning works, we recommend you take a look at the excellent guide available on the official AMP site.


Working with Digital marketing, SEO services, and website design and migration services for PWA  (PWA development services and progressive web app builders ) with a highly experienced team for years, َAvenger IT Next Generation has been able to meet the needs of people in various businesses and help businesses grow. Continuously updating their level of knowledge and exploring different markets has surpassed the pioneers in this field and incorporate successful experiences into their careers.

Avenger IT Next Generation is a website design and development agency and an SEO agency to promote your business, call with us.


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