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Experience managing your store with Avengering

It is currently one of the top reputable instrument stores in the world in terms of content structure, loading speed, proper layout and introduction of PrestaShop products(PrestaShop addons). Excellent and appropriate programming of this global script has left the developers free to add features to this store builder, which is the most suitable option to attract customers and sell more products. Store managers set up a store with the aim of making money by installing PrestaShop, which is enough to start, but after a while to increase sales and earn more money, they realize with a deep look that PrestaShop lacks facilities!

Use the original and safe version of PrestaShop !!

In all countries, dear shopkeepers, you consider the use of PrestaShop core to be much safer than PrestaShop that has been localized by people. In fact, manipulating the PrestaShop kernel will probably cause problems for store managers later, which will make them tired and confused So to ease your worries about this, use the original version of PrestaShop to start a great business.

Compatibility of Avengering with versions 1.6 and 1.7 of PrestaShop

After installing the original version of PrestaShop 1.6 or 1.7, naturally, if you select “your language” when installing the language, the administration and store sections will still be displayed in a left-aligned and irregular manner, which will bother you, but do not worry about this, with Installing Avengering module(PrestaShop addons), which has a set of different features and characteristics, the management section and the default template store are displayed in the correct order and in fact, after installing Avengering, you can easily localize the localized version without manipulating the PrestaShop core In addition, after installing the Avengering module, the font of the management section and the store will be displayed beautifully, which will bring you a satisfied smile and will encourage your store at the very beginning.

Professionally edit content

By installing Avengering, in addition to localizing and aligning PrestaShop, there are several plugins with other important and good features in the settings of this module that you can download and install them and use them in different parts of PrestaShop.

Beautiful content encourages the customer to read the article that leads to familiarity and purchase of the product. In PrestaShop, it is only possible to write simple content. After installing PrestaShop, install one of the plugins of this module called “PrestaShop Editor” to PrestaShop Editor. It is added and helps you write the right content whenever you want to write content for a part of the store.

Add YouTube videos to your content!

One of the factors that have a great impact on selling more products in the store is the use of video, which is currently the best way to attract customers. Content that is only text and sometimes images will have less effect on attracting customers and encouraging them to buy. Introduce the product features well to the customer and with this method, you will be very successful in increasing product sales. All you have to do after installing the Avengering  module(PrestaShop addons) and continuing to install the “PrestaShop Editor” plugin in the Avengering  settings section is to enter the “Avengering  Editor” settings tab and enable “Insert YouTube video” By activating this feature, the YouTube icon will be added to the PrestaShop editor You can click on the camera icon to put the link of the video page you want in the field

Manage store orders better than before …!

In order for the store managers to be able to manage the registered orders of the store better than before, they must be informed about the date and time of contact with their customers. This is not possible by default in PrestaShop. Add the feature to this section and be aware of your customer’s time, date, and comments from the first time you place your order until there is a connection.

For products that are considered discounts, it does not have much effect on attracting customers, but if a possibility is added to this section that attracts attention, the customer will definitely visit the product and become curious about its features. You can easily encourage the customer to buy a countdown counter more than before, in PrestaShop it is not possible to insert a countdown counter for products by default, right now by installing the “countdown” plugin, which is one of the features in the Avengering module(PrestaShop addons), this is important. Do some research and take another step in increasing the sales of your products.

Provide product information to the customer in new ways

Shoppers in the world of online stores are in fact the main capital that any store with special tricks in order to be able to achieve more sales must be successful in attracting these funds. In today’s world, despite smartphones, perhaps most buyers to buy the product from the phone Customers usually buy the product after being sure of the product information. Enabling your customer to scan all the available product information with a single scan through a  cell phone is a positive advantage over competing stores. By default, this feature is not designed, but you only need to install the “QRCode” plugin after installing the Avengering module(PrestaShop addons) and use this feature in your store.

Can you use QRCode in other situations?

The QRCode feature can not only be used for product information but can be used in all parts of the store, just put a custom QRCode in the settings of this plugin and put the output HTML code in any part of the store you want. !

Ability to customize the appearance of QRCode

Variety in the appearance of the store is accepted by most store managers, in this plugin, it is possible to easily change the appearance of the QRCode and it is enough for you to select the desired colors to display the QRCode …!

New features are on the way …!

Do you think that the features and capabilities of the Avengering module(PrestaShop addons) are summarized in these cases? No, it will be gradually added to the plugins in the Avengering module, and in fact, the Avengering module-file will be open for life …!


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