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SEO Expert / Consultant (Part 2)

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Preface: SEO skills needed for professionals

Professional job seekers have a variety of skills, each with specific work experience. Some are programmers, some are entrepreneurs, some are traditional marketers, and some have entered the field of journalism and some others are SEO Advisor and SEO professional. So how to hire an SEO specialist?

If you are looking to hire an SEO specialist or SEO expert, paying attention to a set of skills can make you a better candidate. Sure, some successful SEO experts do not have all of these skills, but having a list of required features is not an understatement.

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SEO Advisor

 SEO professional parameters

Here are eight important skills that you can consider when hiring.

1. Mind Analyzer

Assessing this is difficult, but in any case, if you want to hire an SEO specialist, a professional SEO expert must be capable of analyzing conditions and discovering the link between cause and effect.

A questioner should answer the following three questions correctly:

  • What happened?
  • Why did this happen?
  • So what should we do?

There are many ways to evaluate this. We suggest challenging her mindset by asking a question.

For example, you might ask: One of our customers emailed us asking us to help them with their website SEO. What are the first things you notice in these situations?

Or you may ask: We intend to establish a branch in Paris and have chosen you as its head. What are your first steps?

There is no right or wrong answer to these questions. But by listening to their answers you can understand what their candidate is thinking and see how they attack the problems. The purpose is to see how they understand the problem from different angles and how they use their data and logic to make decisions.

SEO Advisor
SEO Advisor

2. Ability to write and speak

The job of being able to do the keyword searching and content writing process is extremely valuable. We do not mean writing content like this or speaking at conferences.

Our goal is to hire a business that can convince the website team and clients. Such a person should also be able to speak in conversations and be able to write reports. All of this requires the ability to write and speak.

An SEO Advisor must have high self-esteem and also be able to make complex SEO topics easier to understand so that other people can make decisions using this data.

3. Technical and coding skills

Certainly, there are many positive and negative points of having this skill. Certainly you, like us, are familiar with the quirks that can do great things without programming skills.

But it can be said with certainty that these people can do even greater with their programming skills. There are a variety of SEO topics, such as site speed, page rendering, server-side redirects, microdata tags, and HTML tags.

In all these cases, if the SEO expert has the technical skills, he or she can talk to the developer better and only discuss the needs of the developers instead.

It is also important to estimate the ratio of the amount of effort a job has to its impact. This is not to say that a questioner should be able to write code, but that they should be able to understand the coding process and understand the amount of hassle they put on the programmer. They even have to explain to the programmer how to avoid making mistakes.

Take the lazy loading theme as an example. Many plugins use the secret attribute and do not use the src attribute for images. As a result, Google is unable to view the photos. Such knowledge is gained by testing these methods and SEO experts are better off using such information.

Having technical knowledge will help you get things done faster. Only with a little scripting information with Python can hreflang be easily added to XML sitemaps.

4. Social skills

Social skills and the ability to talk to other professionals are skills that are essential to SEO Advisor. An SEO expert should be able to discuss with other colleagues and seek their opinions.

Seminars that are usually brought together by online marketing professionals are a good place to test yourself as an SEO expert. In such spaces, you can find exciting information about SEO day discussions.

5. Skills in analysis

SEO experts can save a lot of time if they have the skills to work with Google Analytics and gather information. Understanding the factors associated with site visitors is essential in determining SEO strategies.

6. Skills in working with Excel

Analyzing and simulating data using Excel will greatly help SEO professionals. We have personally encountered many queries that were not even able to do the simplest tasks with Excel.

The ability to find, combine, and create conditional statements for data is one of the essential know-how for any SEO expert. There are even Excel templates that can be used to fine-tune your daily tasks and get rid of everyday problems.

In general, the ability to work with Excel in generating sitemaps from links, evaluating algorithm changes, the impact of algorithms on data, clickthrough rates and keyword categories is invaluable.

7. Motivation and ability to adapt

One of the things we both like and may hate about SEO is that SEO is not over at the end of the day. Online marketing is not one of those jobs that end at 5 pm. SEO will stay in your mind.

To become an SEO expert, you have to learn every day. There are always new things to learn in programming languages, frameworks (such as WordPress), a new standard such as Skima or AMP as well as machine learning.

Our SEO experts are always those who have a website for their projects and are also developing tools to solve SEO problems. For example, using the Toulouse Webmaster API to automate data formatting is one of the tasks that is a skill set.

An SEO professional must be very tolerant and so-called skinny. SEO laws are always changing, and SEOs have to follow up on Google’s policy changes to PageRank or other SEOs.

8.sense of Humor

We always see a lot of downturns in SEO, and most of them happen very quickly. It is very important to know that a democrat is not saving lives. He’s just a marketer. Having a little sense of humor and a tendency to laugh can greatly reduce the stress of doing so.

Various services offered by the  SEO Experts Avenger IT Next Generation you can  hire our SEO specialist team

How to hire an SEO specialist team

Today’s world is the world of information, and online businesses are competing for top search results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Better rankings in these search engines will drive more site traffic as well as increase sales and revenue. You may have the best blog in the world, but if no one knows about you, this blog will be of no use to you.

But how can a site rank in search results? The answer is SEO and site optimization. SEO is the art of website optimization for search engines. Using a combination of techniques   Find keywords,   Off-page SEO,   On-page SEO   And analyzing competitors’ sites can increase the chances of a website being seen by search engines and ranking higher in search results. Running an SEO project alone can be daunting. Fortunately, SEO experts can help you here. Here are some things that are very important in hiring an SEO specialist team and can help you a lot.

SEO adviser team
SEO adviser team: How to hire an SEO specialist team?

Understanding SEO Basics  in hire SEO specialist team

When interviewing an SEO professional, you should   Basic SEO  It’s familiar to know how it works.

First, you need to know that  SEO is based on keywords. It’s about finding keywords that will bring the most traffic to the site. More importantly, understand why you want to increase site traffic. If you want to sell a product on your site, you need to optimize its related page for specific keywords to get potential customers to that page. Users who come in just to visit the product will not benefit you. Most keyword searching processes are based on the Google Keyword Planner tool, where relevant keywords are displayed along with their traffic and competition.

If so Seo In your interview, it was announced that your site would rank Google, doubting its integrity. Search engines are based on many factors that determine a site’s ranking in search results. These factors include the life of the website and its popularity on social networks. Also, there are human factors that influence how users interact with the site. These are things that no one has direct control over, and there is no miracle formula for ranking a Google.

What an SEO can do is help your website comply with Google’s core rules so it can compete with other similar sites. An SEO professional increases the chances of getting a better ranking, but the quality of the content, services, and products depend on the site owners.

SEO projects

In general, an SEO project can be divided into two parts: internal SEO and external SEO. Internal SEO involves changing the design and interior elements of the site so that it is readable by search engines. This process involves changing the headers, title, and content of the pages to optimize for specific keywords.

External SEO includes everything that is done off-site and helps increase its traffic. These include social networking,   Linking   And   Guest post   Is. Backlinking is an important part of the process that has a great impact on site rankings, as it is one of the key factors in ranking a site. Working on social networks, posting guest blogs on popular blogs are activities that generate links to other sites. As you might have guessed, foreign SEO takes a lot of content production. As a result, an SEO activity can be divided into SEO management and SEO content generation.

How to screen SEO professionals when hiring?

Now that you are familiar with the basics of SEO and have an early understanding of it, here are a few tips for hiring:

  • Check the amount of information and skills he has.  SEO is changing a lot nowadays and with the updates coming from Google everyday SEO Methods   Is created. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the level of information and skill level of the workforce. One of the best ways to understand this is to check out his blog. His knowledge level can be assured if his blog is updated with new content.
  • Follow at least one of his SEO projects.   Usually, sorcerers do not make them public because of their lack of techniques. Also, many business owners never disclose their SEO name because competitors are not aware of their site’s SEO details. If revealed, competitors are likely to come to the site and ask him to implement the same techniques on their site, which is not good for website owners. But introducing one or two is not a difficult task and can certainly be expressed.
  • Prepare questions about the SEO techniques used by the SEO Advisor you are looking for.   A proper SEO consultant should be able to outline his or her strategy to increase site rank. He also needs to be able to estimate the timing of the work to some extent.
  • Preliminary analysis of them from your site.   This will help you understand the changes you are applying to. Do not overdo it so that the questioner does not feel that your intention to do the interview is merely SEO advice. Series get paid for SEO consulting and they will be skeptical of answering your questions if they find out. As a result, the process of interviewing is being misinterpreted.
  • Watch out for the SEO black hat.  Avoid those who understand that SEO is just linking to other sites and spamming. This will lead to a fine by Google. As you know, Google has strongly prevented site owners from spamming, hiding, and hyperlinking to a specific keyword.

Finally, after hiring your desired job, keep in touch with him and take advantage of his advice. You can check the success rate of SEO with site statistics tools like Google Analytics. SEO Advisor can provide you with the best practices by analyzing the most visited pages.

With these solutions, you can achieve your goal of increasing site traffic and revenue. If you are interested in Avenger’s team as an SEO Advisor Use your site, call us.

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Key services offered by the Experts in SEO   :

Generally, a modern specialist must be able to:

  1. Problem solve
  2. prioritize
  3. Write intriguing content
  4. Take a decision
  5. Do not be afraid to research

When reading the basics of an SEO specialist, see how often these skills are acquired.

hire SEO specialist
SEO advisor / SEO professional

Here are the main services offered by Expert SEO(SEO professional):

  • Website creation:

 The website designer will create eye-catching and engaging designs for the website, also generate more traffic by attracting more visitors.  The main purpose of the design will be to increase the conversion rate.

  • SEO Audits:

This audit is done by professionals  SEO Consultant to identify problems and opportunities in the site’s search engine. This will also include the technical infrastructure and the off-page / on-page elements infrastructure

  • Search by keyword:

the SEO professional has the primary responsibility to search for the appropriate keywords to embed in the content so that your website is displayed at the top of search engine pages when the potential visitor begins his search.   This action can increase traffic and conversion rates on your website.

  • Link building:

Link building is an important part of SEO.   However, the approach may vary depending on your goals and requirements.   You can customize your link building campaign to your current specifications and needs.

  • Competitive analysis:

Undeniably, the switch-over is entering a highly competitive market.   Remember that many other similar businesses are striving to reach the same position that you are also working on.   Therefore, the competitive analysis performed by the  SEO experts can help you unlock the opportunities available in the digital market by conducting in-depth analysis and moving your business to the highest level.

It is not just these actions mentioned above, but the professional SEO professional will also perform, optimization of press releases, local search optimization, mobile SEO, web marketing analysis, SEO Consultant and more.  With many benefits, choosing the right professional is crucial.

Here’s why hiring a legitimate SEO agency is so important to any business:

93% of online experiences start with a search engine and 47% click on one of the first three lists.

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Working with Digital marketing, SEO services, and website design with a highly experienced team for years, َAvenger IT Next Generation has been able to meet the needs of people in various businesses and help businesses grow. Continuously updating their level of knowledge and exploring different markets has surpassed the pioneers in this field and incorporate successful experiences into their careers.

Avenger IT Next Generation is a website design and development agency and an SEO agency to promote your business, call with us.


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