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The best ways to speed up the site

Preface: page speed up

Increasing the speed of the site (page speed) is one of the most important factors for user satisfaction and increasing the site’s ranking in Google. In this article, we will introduce the best ways to increase the speed of the site.

Nothing is more frustrating than a slow website. A low-speed website is not only bad for users but also boring for website owners. Having a website these days is a must, not only for business owners but also for anyone who wants to share useful information with the world. But one of the most important factors in creating a website is its speed.

This article is a collection of site optimization tutorials, which we hope will be of interest to you.

Why is the speed of your website important?

Website speed can cause a website to rise or fall. Speed ​​greatly affects your traffic, site traffic, conversion rate, sales, and branding. By improving the speed of the site, you can improve your business and help develop your business. Studies have shown:

  • 47% of people expect a website to load in less than two seconds.
  • Forty percent of people say they leave the site if it takes more than three seconds to load.

Therefore, the speed of the website plays an important role in the success of your business. If you want to compete with competitors, you must prioritize site speed. By speeding up your website, you will not only get positive results in terms of traffic and conversion rates but also provide better experiences for your visitors. Great user experience is key to building a strong customer base and creating a strong brand. The topic of site speed is one of the technical topics of SEO.

Besides, the speed of your website in SEO You is very important. If your website loads fast, your search engine rankings will be higher. This is because Google prefers fast websites and rewards them with higher search engine rankings. Aside from speed, user experience is another factor in Google’s ranking algorithm. Therefore, by increasing the speed of your website and improving your user experience, you will ultimately improve your SEO ranking.
As a result, you will get more traffic and lead to more quality that you can become a customer, ultimately increase your sales and earn more revenue.

How to test the speed of your website?

PageSpeed ​​InsightsFree Google ToolbarIt’s very easy to test the speed of your website(page speed) and use it. All you have to do is enter the URL Enter your website and the tool analyzes its content and offers suggestions on how to make your website faster.
Pingdom It is also a very useful tool that not only tests the speed of your website but also monitors and evaluates the performance of your website. It also tracks your website performance history, so you can find out about any possible changes to your website speed.
YSlow It is a tool that tests the speed of your website and gives advice on how to improve it. It can also be a Chrome extension To check the speed of your website(page speed).


Website Acceleration Solutions

There are many ways to speed up your website, and this one is effective and successful. Here are some of the easiest and most effective ways to speed up your website and make any effort in the long run.

Hosting Upgrade yourself

Many people get cheap hosting when they first start their website, so it is usually a common choice. As time goes on, they put more content on the site and their websites grow, which ultimately slows down their site.
If the speed of your site because it is the best upgrade option program or web hosting ( Hosting) Is. Updating website hosting is the easiest way to improve the speed of your website(page speed). If you use shared hosting, you can go to a VPS Or buy a dedicated host.

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Caching Enable

Enable caching improves the speed of your website(page speed) significantly. CachingThe process of storing static files such as HTML documents media files such as images, CSS files, and JavaScriptRefers for easier and faster access, so that the database does not need to retrieve each file for a new request. The more requests you send to your server, the longer your website will load.
When someone visits your website, the elements of the webpage they want to access are automatically loaded and saved on their hard drive in a cache. That way, the next time they visit your website, their browser will load the requested webpage very quickly, without having to retry the HTTP request. To the server.

page speed : cache

But, cache or CachIt is only done for frequent visitors, because, of course, the visitors who visit your site for the first time did not have an old version that they want to display. Naturally, the first time lasts longer than the next. However, active cache or CachComplete for your website can reduce your page load time from 2.4 to 0.9 seconds. This is because for the first time there may be 30 or more different components to your website that should be in Cach Save the user, but only need a few components to download for subsequent visits.

Depending on the platform you use, there are several ways to enable browser cache caching There is. For example, if from WordPress The easiest way to activate cache is to install the plugin. The best WordPress storage plugins W3 Total Cache Is the most popular performance plugin and WP Super CacheWhich are the best websites with high traffic and low power servers.
If from DrupalAs a CMSYou must use Varnish Cache software used to hack the browser. If Joomla CMS You can enable browser cache in your Joomla dashboard.
You can also cache Enable server-level cache, that is, integrate cache into your server-side scripting, which is what a web developer can help you with.

Gzip Enable

If ever your files are as ZIP files Compressed on your computer, you need to know how much this method can reduce the size of the files. GzipThe best and most effective compression method that can request HTTP Minimize and reduce response time, sometimes by up to 70%.
By enabling Gzip compression-Your website files are automatically in a ZIP file that is compressed. This will significantly reduce their size and speed up your website(page speed).
It saves a lot of bandwidth and improves the loading time of your web page. When someone visits your website, the compressed files are automatically decompressed to access the content. You can use a compression plugin suitable for CMSSelf, Gzip compression Install on your website, you can also easily do it manually.

page speed : gzip

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Remove unnecessary plugins

Every plugin you add needs resources to run it. However, more resources lead to slower websites. If you have several plugins installed that you no longer use or find unnecessary, you should disable and remove them. Not only can many plugins slow down your website, but they can also cause security issues and crashes.
By removing unnecessary plugins, you can significantly improve page load time and speed up your website(page speed). However, you should know that when it comes to plugins, it is not just about the number of plugins. You can have 50 plugins and still have a website faster than someone who has 10 plugins installed on their site. The number of plugins is important, but so is the quality. For example, social sharing plugins can have a big impact on your page load time, so you may want to embed social media buttons in your website theme source code.
So, you should avoid plugins that download a lot of scripts and styles, make a lot of remote requests, and add a lot of database data display on every page to Conquer your website. Of course, plugins help your website function and many can help you improve it. But you should keep only the items that you think are necessary.

Note: If you use Drupal or Joomla, for example, you do not have any plugins to deal with it in the first place. So you can speed up your website by disabling modules or adding speed optimization plugins. The best advice for Drupal is to never run more than 50 modules. Only do things that are absolutely essential to the performance of your website.

In the case of Joomla, be sure to check out the following extensions, as each of them can speed up your website(page speed): JQuery EasyLLFJJavascript AsyncAnd Defer, and ScriptsDown.

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Minimize HTTP requests

Requests HTTPToo much can be a reason for the slowness of your websites. When someone visits your website, they request specific files. Their web browser uses the HTTP protocol to request those files from your server. These files include HTML files, CSS, and JavaScripts. If you have a large number of them, HTTP requests there is a lot and eventually, your website will shrink.
This is why HTTP requests are requiredMinimize. There are great ways to do this.

  • CSS scripts, JSAnd HTML files Combine.
  • Replace images from CSS wherever possible use.
  • Reduce the number of web page elements.
  • A cache plugin or cache Install.

For example, if your website is responsive, mobile users who visit your website will be redirected to the responsive version. There are two things you can do to ensure that these redirects do not slow down your website. Can direct mobile users to the URLSpecific for the device or without changing additional paths, HTTP navigatorSet, or a JavaScript redirect to identify a URLMobile equivalent and set up mobile users to set it?
However, the second option can cause delays, because it must be done before running JavaScriptBefore running JavaScript, The web page is initially loaded by redirecting.

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HTTP Keep-Alive Enable

When your web server requests HTTPReceives from your web browser, that is, when a visitor requests a specific file, the browser allows the server to download the file. It does this for each case individually. This takes up a lot of bandwidth and memory, and that doesn’t mean it uses more processing power. Eventually, it will put a lot of load on your server and slow down your website.
By enabling HTTP Keep-Alive, You can make your website faster, this creates an open connection for multi-file requests to your server, thus greatly enhancing your website. Simply put, the server tells the browser that it can load multiple files at once, without putting too much load on the server. When the number of connections to your server is limited, a lot of bandwidth is saved.

Minify JavaScript files and CSS

If one of the JavaScript and CSS files has HTTP requests on your website when your website visitors want to access certain files there will be many. Because their web browser handles those files individually, that number is HTTP requests significantly slows down your website.
While with MinifyA request by HTTPAnd enable HTTP Keep-AliveIt can greatly improve the speed of your website. You must minimize ( MinifyJavaScript files and CSSNote that this can also speed up your website considerably. By inserting all JavaScript files in one JavaScript file as well as insert all CSS files in a CSS file, You reduce their number. This will count the number of HTTP requests Your website will slow down and speed up(page speed).


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Optimize your images

Images take up a lot of bandwidth. When they are not optimized, it means that they are large, use a lot of server resources and take more time to load. When your images are not optimized, your website can be much slower.
Therefore, reduce the size of your images without adversely affecting their quality. You can do this by using a plugin that can compress your images and ensure that they do not lose quality in the process.
When optimizing your images, regardless of their size, you should focus on their format and src attribute that URLThe image is, focus. You must have JPEG formatStick, while PNG This is also good, but not fully supported by older browsers.

Change the format of your website

theme your website can also affect the speed of your website(page speed). It does not matter how good your server configuration is, if the theme If your website has a complex code, your website will load slowly.
So, instead of just focusing on aesthetics, change the theme Consider your website and consider its speed when choosing it. You can check the speed of a topic with the help of one of the speed test tools of the website so that you can see the speed of the theme What is your choice?


CDNIs a network of multiple servers located around the world that provide web content to end users according to their geographical location. CDN It can host static files of your website to provide them more efficiently and reduce the bandwidth and load of your server.
Using the CDN, Requested web content is delivered much faster to end-users because a CDNFrom server close to users to deliver their intended uses cases. As a result, not only will there be no delay, but your website will be much faster. This is because your visitors instead of requesting the file directly from the server, the cache You will gain access.

page speed : CDN

Therefore, using the CDNYou save a lot of bandwidth and significantly improve your page loading speed and website speed(page speed). Can CSS files and JavaScript, Images, Videos, pdf, and other types of content be uploaded to your CDN Save?
Use CDN It can be very expensive, but it has many benefits, so it’s worth the cost, especially if you happen to use a lot of bandwidth. So, if you have a big website and a lot of visitors, CDNAn ideal solution for you.

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Fix corrupt links

Broken links in your content can not slow down your website, but they can affect the user experience, so you need to pay attention to all of them. However, broken links in CSSJavaScriptAnd URLYour image sites can negatively affect the speed of your website(page speed). Scan your links regularly and fix broken ones as soon as you see them.

Broken links are most often found in the image source, which is the wrong URLTakes place. These links are easily ignored, especially when the size of a particular image is defined as too small. When there is a broken link in your image, that is when a 404 error appears, that broken link sends a request to the server but there is no response to it, and this makes your website slower. The browser tries to load the image that is not available, so your web page spends more time loading the image, slowing down your website.
Broken links are also in CSS link tags in the head section Html code you are found. Just like image files, if a CSS file you are not where you are connected to, HTTP request leads to a useless response and returns with a 404 code. If you use CSS files a lot external Check for broken links regularly as they can be moved and result in a 404 error.

If the link is broken in the URLJavaScript source there, your website can also be like image source files and CSS links To be slow. But the browser may also try JavaScriptAnd not only to increase download time but also bad script interaction. When the browser tries to replace JavaScriptIf 404-page loads, all other downloads will stop until a 404-page load is complete. This is why you should always have your JavaScript at the bottom of the HTML documentsInsert yourself (just before closing the body tag>), Which is especially important when connecting broken links.

From CMS Use reliably

If from some CMSYou use the ones you make, you run the risk of having a very slow website. To avoid this, make sure you do thorough research and a CMSChoose one that is reliable and tailored to your needs.
What about CMSIt is also important for you to check for the latest updates regularly. Make sure your website scripts are updated as new versions appear regularly to improve and speed up websites(page speed). So, upgrade your website scripts regularly. But always make sure you back up your files first.

Database Optimize your (database)

Optimizing your database is another very effective way to speed up your website (page speed). This is something you need to do regularly, especially if WordPress some CMSYou use others that depend on the application of the database.
When from CMSOr even using some complex plugins, the data in your database will increase and your website will slow down. This is especially true for plugins that store user data, statistics, and reports, as they can store a lot of information.
So keep your database private, but always make sure you back up your files first. Never do anything with your database before backing it up. Many plugins can help you optimize your database, so do your research and find the right ones for your CMS. Find your used one.


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